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Famous Victorians

Ada lovelace

charles dickens






Ada Lovelace was an English mathematician and writer.Ada was the only child of Lord Byron and his wife Anne Milbanke. Lord Byron, the famous poet, deserted his family and Anne taught her everything about mathematics and logic. Ada met Charles Babbage and he chose her to translate a paper from French, the Analytical Engine, a mechanical computer. The machine enchanted her and she started to think about how to use it. She wrote an algorithm for the machine and so, she became the world's first computer programmer in history.

Date of Birth10 December 1815Date of Death27 November 1852



Charles Dickens was an English writer. His family was rich sometimes but his father was bad at managing money. When Charles was 12, he started working at the factory, it was horrible, but it inspired him. He then wrote about poor people and their situations. At 20, he became an actor and while acting, he wrote a comic book, The Pickwick Papers, people loved it. He started becoming famous around that time.He wrote more than thirty books. He published one of his first successful books in 1838, Oliver Twist. In 1861, he wrote Great Expectations.He suffered a stroke in 1870 but he never woke up.

Date of Birth7 February 1812Date of Death9 June 1870

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son père ne gérait pas bien l'argent

son père ne gérait pas bien l'argent

un AVC


Joseph Lister

Joseph Lister was a British surgeon. He was good at German and French and was, in overall, an excellent student. He studied at the University of London and then became the assistant of a surgeon at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.At that time, the medical staff didn't wash their hands and wounds became easily infected. Lister started experimenting with chemicals to cure the infection and he found one.He introduced carbolic acid to sterilise surgical instruments and clean wounds. He created the first antiseptic.

Date of Birth5 April 1827Date of Death10 February 1912

un chirurgien

membres du personnel hospitalier


une blessure / une plaie



When Emmeline Pankhurst was born, women couldn't vote but men could. She went to school in Paris and studied politics later.In 1818, women working at a factory in London went on strike to improve their working conditions. Emmeline supported the strike and created the Women's Social and Political Union also known as the Suffragettes, in 1903. There were a group of women fighting for women's right. They published a newspaper called Votes for Women. They even broke the law to protest in the street!The British government allowed women over 30 to vote in 1918

Date of Birth14 July 1858Date of Death14 June 1928

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enfreindre la loi



Florence nightingale

Florence Nightingale was a nurse who saved many lives in the 19th century.In 1851, she went to Germany and studied to become a nurse. In 1854, soldiers were sent to the Crimean War and many died because hospitals, at that time, were dirty and horrible places. Florence and some nurses went to help. They worked hard to make the hospital a cleaner place. She brought soldiers fresh food, she cleaned the bedsheets and she cleaned the wounds. Fewer men were dying.At night, she helped the men to write letters to their families. She carried a lamp and so they called her "The Lady with the Lamp".Queen Victoria wrote her a letter to thank her. The government gave her the Order of Merit, the first woman to ever receive it.

Date of Birth12 May 1820Date of Death13 August 1910

une infirmière