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From to March 26th to May 1stOpening night: Thursday March 25th + 26thfrom 6 to 9pm & Saturday 27th from 3 to 6 pm.

From September 17th to October 23rdOpening night: September 16th from 6 to 9pm

"PAREIDOLIA" by Antonella CusimanoDrawings and prints

From May 14th to September 4thConcert of ALVIN on Saturday September 4th from 6.30 pm

"APPEARANCES"group show withMathieu Zurstrassen - Frank Devos-François-Xavier Defosse -Jean-Noel Guillemain -joni brown - Gregory Georgescu-Stéphane Opdenbosch -Daniel Storz -Fabien Ruyssen

Timeline 2021

COVID 19 changed our plans / Stick with us! Changes may occur again!

Jean-Marie Isnard"Invisibles"

From January 28th to March 13thOpening night Thursday January 28th + Friday January 29th from 6 to 9pm

I want fun.You want fun.This is fun.by joni brown &GregoryGeorgescuPainting & ceramics

Fabien Ruyssen"While Waiting for Awareness"

From November 11th to December 15thOpening night Thursday November 11thfrom 6 to 9pm

March - April

June - July - August

"Minéral Végétal"by François-Xavier DefossePhotography

Babette Goossens, Drawings, video installation

Timeline 2022

Marianne Behaeghel ,photographies on alu

January - February

"EIKONAKLASTES" , collage,photo montageby JNG photography

Liha, paintingThomas Beckers, ceramist

November -December


Frank Devos TBC

September - October

The Palm Beach is presenting a group showwith new pieces of 9 artists of the gallery.13/05 - 04/09/2021

Here is a glimpse of what you could see starting in May 2021at The Palm Beach Atypical Art Gallery.Please welcome back our artists with brand new work for us to enjoy"APPEARANCES"

Daniel Storz

88x70,5cm / cotton paper on dibondpastel - ecoline- fusain, gold

Fabien Ruyssen

Ancient drawer with artist own plexi printsUnique piece 84,5x54,5x3cm

Frank Devos

Our amazing belgian director who shows his photographic talent for the second time with usCotton paper - framed 100x80cm

François-Xavier Defosse

"Senjojiki"65x55cm cotton paper - museum glass

Jean-Noel Guillemain

"La verge et l'homme"75x115cm / cotton paper / unsusal frame

Stéphane Opdenbsoch

"The magician"30x40cm cotton paper sentence on the passe-partout

Mathieu Zurstrassen

Mobile "KINETIC""MAKAHALA"hourglass - brass -wood

Grégory Georgescu

Dreameo 2: Size :10 x 12 x 24.5cm ceramic -glaze – crystal Skelet: Size : 14 x 10 x 28 cm "ceramic -glaze – crystal

joni brown

"You feel like you are not yourself anymore"70x90cm oil on canvas

From September 17th from to October 23rd 2021Opening night Thursday 16th from 6 to 10pmAntonella Cusimano with her work "PAREIDOLIA"My need for self expression started at the very early age.Overwhelmed by powerful emotions and searching an answer to the existential question ‘why am I here?’, I unconsciously felt that the only way to be well, was to become one with nature, dissociating from the world and entering a state, that I can now recognise as the so called ‘Flow State’.I spent lots of time observing the movement and creations of the natural world:smoke rising, fire dancing, waves, branches intricately embracing each other, clouds interacting with the wind…and the perfect astonishing forms of animals, insect, minerals, shells, flowers….I always felt mesmerised by this complex simplicity and I presume that in some way I absorbed it. I loved it and I still do.Feeling a deep need for freedom in my body and mind, the first form of self expression was dance. I danced professionally for many years, but when I got seriously injured, I searched for other means of expression (sculpture, installation, video), but I found that drawing abstractly posing one line after another was the most soothing for my nervous system. I could in fact self regulate my emotional state and find freedom slowly accepting the transition to other artistic media.Drawing and colouring are now my door to inner peace and freedom of mind.

From November 12th from to December 15th 2021Opening night Thursday 11th from 6 to 9 pmJean-Marie Isnard with his work "INVISIBLES"En février 2020 Jean-Marie Isnard présente les Ombres où ils traitent de personnages entravés par des liens invisibles comme une prédiction de ce qui allait suivre. L’exposition se termine la veille du premier confinement. Dans l’incapacité de travailler, il peut s’adonner pleinement à la peinture. Celle-ci ouvre sur de grands paysages puissants et colorés comme autant de respirations vitales et libératoires pour échapper à un univers cloitré. La reprise des activités dans une ambiance anxiogène l’éloigne de la fougue coloré des paysages. Le second confinement s’installe et avec lui une œuvre plus dense et introspective. Avec Invisibles, on perçoit des personnages statiques en quête de transcendance et des visages que l’on décèle à peine à travers une gamme infinie de noirs faite de bleus nuit, de verts sombres, de roses et de violets denses. Les fines couches de couleurs s’additionnent pour offrir une profondeur abyssale à ces individus « invisibilisés »…ainsi la peinture vibre d’une humanité singulière qui affleure en surface, hésite, comme si elle cherchait à s’incarner ailleurs autrement…

The 2021 artists duo show

The 2021 artist solo show

Joni Brown


Antonella Cusimano

Artist - Art Therapy

Gregory Georgescu


Jean-Marie IsnardPainter

The 2021 artists group show

Frank Devos

Director & Photographer

Jean-Noel Guillemain


François-Xavier Defosse


Fabien Ruyssen

DOP / photographer

The 2021 artists group show

Stéphane Opdenbosch

Creative director & Photographer

Daniel Storz


Joni Brown


Gregory Georgescu


Mathieu Zurstrassen

Visual artist

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