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Deaths from tuberculosis will decrease sharply between 2020 and 2030,TRUE,Diarrhoeal diseases will be the least significant cause.,Deaths from tuberculosis will show a very slow decline,TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,o,ALSE,Heart diseases are predicted to be considered as main causes of death ,By 2030, malaria will have become the least significant cause of death,The number of deaths form cancers will show a steady increase over the period 2018-2030,RUE,FALSE,TRUE,FALSE,The percentage of deaths from cerebrovascular diseases will remain almost stable between 2020 and 2040,The number of cerebrovascular diseases will show an insignificant increase,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,In 2022 there will be about twenty-eight million deaths from (ischaemic) heart disease,FALSE,FALSE,Cancer will keep on being a main cause of death,FALSE,TRUE,TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,Deaths from road accidents will overtake deaths from perinatal causes around 2024,FALSE,TRUE,Road accidents have always been estimated as the main cause of death,,FALSE,NEW LANGUAGE LEADER ADVANCED: UNIT 4,According to the World Health Organization report, are the statements true or false?