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StratX journey began with Markstrat, one of the best-known business simulations in the world.

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StratX welcomes CentrX


The New StratX ExL




StratX opens in North America


The E-Strat challenge across 128 countries, 100K participants


Founded by Jean-Claude Larreché


The Blue Ocean Strategy & The Momentum Effect

For almost a decade, between 2000 and 2009, L'Oréal partners with StratX to deliver the E-Strat Challenge across 128 countries with more than 100K participants and 2200 business schools.Learn more about L'Oréal's E-Strat Challenge(in French).

StratX was founded in 1984 by Jean-Claude Larréché, after the successful launch ofMarkstrat.With the Markstrat brand heritage, two divisions are created: Licensing (software distribution) and Corporate Solutions (seminar delivery).

In 2012, StratX welcomes a new generation of business simulations under the CentrXbrand.CentrX BioPharma is designed to prepare bio-pharma firms in customer-centricity, value creation, strategic thinking, business acumen and innovation.Following its success, between 2016 and 2018, Centrx B2B Direct and Indirect are created to help B2B firms embed a customer-centric approach to leadership, commercial strategy and marketing excellence.Learn more about CentrX.

In 1987, following a long-term contract with General Electric, StratX opens its offices in Massachusetts (Boston).Several years later, between 1990-1995, new simulations under the Markstrat brand are developed: Markstrat-Pharma, Markstrat Services & Markstrat B2B.

StratX's division for corporate solutions becomes StratX ExL.EXL is the abbreviation of Experiential Learning and is the main capability and offering of StratX ExL.For more than 35 years, StratX has come to be known for its quality, innovation, and impact. While the name has undergone a minor change, the industry-expertise hasn't.Learn more on what we do.

In 2007, the Blue Ocean Strategy simulation, in partnership with authors Kim & Mauborgne, joins the growing portfolio of StratX product line. Learn more about theBlue Ocean Strategy.In 2018, Larréché writes The Momentum Effect : How to Ignite Exceptional Growth; sharing much of his expertise that has influenced StratX.Learn more about The Momentum Effect.