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Three. He died of old age.. How did Arthur Conan Doyle die?. Who is Arthur Conan Doyle?. NEXT. Professor. Detective. QUESTION 2/10. London. Doctor. QUESTION 6/10. Which book was written byArthur Conan Doyle?. RIGHT!. QUESTION 10/10. NEXT. In 1893, Doyle decided to killhis famous character, how did Sherlock die?. RIGHT!. RIGHT!. RESULTS. NEXT. NEXT. NEXT. RIGHT!. NEXT. QUESTION 1/10. QUESTION 3/10. Case closed!. RIGHT!. RIGHT!. QUESTION 5/10. Which one is Arthur Conan Doyle?. NEXT. Edinburgh. Arthur Conan Doyle was a brilliant writer but also a.... QUESTION 4/10. START. Professor. QUESTION 7/10. He became a ship's doctor on avoyage to the coast of this continent:. NEXT. Oxford. He died from a disease.. QUIZ. Doctor. Nine. NEXT. RIGHT!. How many children did he have?. Five. Where did he die?. RIGHT!. RIGHT!. Sir. DETECTIVE. RIGHT!. QUESTION 9/10. In 1893, Doyle invented Moriarty,Sherlock's evil alter-ego.What is his title?. In which city was Arthur ConanDoyle born?. QUESTION 8/10. Crédits: Investigations Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). He died from a heart attack.. One of the secret letters is A.