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Sociology in Education,IGNACIO FERNÁNDEZ GONZÁLEZ,Professor,# of credits - 6,Presentation,4,Type - Basic Education,Language - English,Subject Identification,That's all folks!,Teaching methodology and organisation,Presentation,Contents,Teaching period - 1st course, 2nd semester,3,Assessment,1,2,Student workload,THE END,Competences,Subject id,Bibliography,INDEX,How are you going to learn it?,Contents,Training activities,What do you have to learn?,Presentation,The main goal of the “Sociology of Education” course is to deepen the study of education from a social perspective.,Syllabus,Continuous assessment,+info,+info,seminars,Competences,+info,Syllabus,Training activities,Student workload,other activities,Theoretical classes,Theoretical classes,academic tutorials,Assessment,Revisions,Continuous,Bibliography,Back,Back,Back,Next,Almost forgot!,That's all folks!,THE END,If you need to talk to me, I'll be available by appointment...:,on friday's after class and until 7'00 pm in room 209 or in office 053