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What does it mean to serve as a College Coach with ScholarMatch?

ScholarMatch College Coaches serve as one-on-one partners and guides for students across the country who are applying to college. Coaches provide the information, guidance, and support that our students—predominantly lower-income and first-generation college applicants—need to apply, gain admission, and excel at the best colleges and universities for them with regard to academic match, financial fit, and social fit.

This work includes helping students research and identify colleges, complete essays, resumes, recommendations and application forms, apply for financial aid and scholarships and compare award packages, and prepare academically, socially, and emotionally to succeed in college.

What does it mean to serve as a College Coach with ScholarMatch?

As a College Coach, you will provide additional support for your students to help ensure that they understand their choices, to encourage them to apply to a range of schools (i.e. reaches, matches, and safeties), and to empower them to ultimately make a decision that is right for them. Should you find that your advice differs significantly from that of your student’s guidance counselor, parents, or other important figures in your life, you should humbly share your perspective with the student while conveying respect for these other figures and their perspectives. Ultimately, your student will decide what is right for them.

ScholarMatch will provide ongoing training, curriculum, monthly goals, milestones for your students, and support throughout the year to guide coaches through the process.

The ScholarMatch Volunteer Community

Our volunteer College Coaches are the heart and soul of the work we do to support promising but under-resourced high school students through the college admissions process. It is through our volunteer model that we are able to offer individualized, high-touch support to over 1,000 high school students each year.

By volunteering with ScholarMatch, you’re not only impacting students’ lives, but also joining an amazing network of individuals passionate about education equity.Read on for a glimpse of the span of ages, professions, locations, and identities our College Coaches represent!

ScholarMatch Coaches Include...(just a few examples!)

A faculty member at the UCLA College Counseling Certificate programScholarMatch program alumni paying it forwardCollege professors and admissions + financial aid officersRetired teachers, counselors, and school principalsStay-at-home parents passionate about equity in educationIndependent Educational Consultants looking to take on pro-bono studentsInternational admissions experts based in Central America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and AustraliaA wide range of working professionals from fields beyond education who bring excellence and generosity of spirit to our work!

What does this volunteer opportunity and community offer to you?

Gain access to a national network of college access and higher education expertsConnect with fellow volunteers through an internal email listserv, our (optional but vibrant) College Coach Facebook page, webinars, and volunteer events among other forums

Provide key support to under-resourced students at a critical inflection point in their livesWork towards building a sustainable, equitable solution to college access in the USReceive an invitation (upon completing all trainings and background check) to attend the expenses-paid ScholarMatch volunteer convening in San Francisco in July


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