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British Christmas Traditions

~ Father Christmas ~

~ Letters for Father Christmas ~

~ Crimbo ~

~ Boxing Day ~

~ Christmas dinner ~

~ Crackers ~

~ Christmas desserts ~

~ Treats for Father Christmas ~

~ Christmas stockings ~

Father Christmas.

During the holidays, young children in England referred to Santa Claus as Father Christmas.

Nowadays, Father Christmas and Santa Claus have essentially become synonymous.

But for Victorian times, Father Christmas was more concerned with adults feasting and merry making; it had nothing to do with children or giving gifts and Christmas presents.
He also wore a green suit, not a red one.

Letters for Father Christmas.

During the holidays in England, instead of sending your wish list via the mail service, you place your wish list in the fireplace and set it on fire.

How does Santa Claus see their wish list if it's nothing but ash?

Well... Magic, you see...

It may seem a little weird but it does save on postage.


When someone wishes you a happy Crimbo they're probably English. Crimbo is an English slang word for Christmas.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary it is used when speaking in regards to holidays more secular and commercial elements.

Boxing Day.

The day after Christmas in England is
a holiday called Boxing Day.

its origins are debatable:
-Some say that it's a day when workers would receive a box of gifts from their bosses.
-Others say that it's a day when people would box up gifts for the poor.

But the main thing that happens on Boxing Day nowadays is … shopping.

Christmas dinner.

A British Christmas dinner is just as big a feast as an American one.
The main dish is usually roast turkey often surrounded by bacon wrapped sausages. They serve the turkey with roast potatoes and veggies - traditionally Brussel sprouts - have gravy to smother everything in, and also bread sauce.

Christmas crackers

A Christmas cracker is a brightly decorated cardboard tube filled with fun prizes. When you pull on the 2 sides it "explodes".

Inside the cracker is usually
- a plastic prize / a small present
- a paper crown
- a terrible joke.

What room of a house does a ghost not need?
-> The LIVING room.

(I'm so sorry...)

Christmas desserts.

English people have Christmas pudding for dessert: this is a very dense boiled cake flavored with dried fruit and spices.
It's been soaked in alcohol aged for several months, boiled again, soaked in alcohol again and then set on fire.

They can also have mince pies, small sweet pies containing a mixture of small pieces of dried fruit.

Treats for Father Christmas.

Kids in America often leave some cookies and milk for Santa Claus maybe even some carrots for the reindeer.

Kids in England, however, treat Father Christmas like the adult he is and leave him some brandy (=alcohol) and mince pies.

Christmas stockings

In the United Kingdom, people hang stockings around the bed for Father Christmas to fill with presents.

Being surrounded by presents is a great way to wake up on Christmas morning.