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#20DayTwitterChallenge!,6,11,16,7,17,8,2,12,1,15,3,19,5,20,9,14,18,13,10,4,Twitter offers opportunities to learn from and connect with other educators in ways thatare simply not possible throughtraditional professional development.That said, while it's easy toget startedwith Twitter, it'snotalways easy to stick withit. Creating an account and leveraging that account in ways that benefit your students are two completely different things. This challenge is designed to help make Twitter work for you in ways that are both meaningful and fun! In the next 20 days, you’llnot only create an educational Twitter account but, more importantly, you’ll practice ways to use that accountfor ongoing professionalgrowth that ultimately results in excellent outcomes for kids.,This resource was created by @jenniferlagarde with help and inspiration from @jeannietimken,ClickMe!,Let's get started!