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The Lifestyle of a VIP






She wakes up and makes breakfast for her family, then she takes a shower, she dresses up, she combs her hair and puts some makeup on her face, after that, she prepares their children for school, then she leaves her children in the day care and she goes to work.

On a busy day, she makes a photoshoot for about 4 hours, and then she needs to go fast to pick up her children in the day care, then they arrive home and eat the lunch that her husband prepared, and she spends all the that left with her family until all go to bed.

Barack Obama

Hi everybody. My name is Barack Obama, I talk about my lifestyles. I get up early every morning and I have breakfast with my family. Then, I work at the office all day long. Sometimes I travel abroad to meet other presidents.

At the weekend, I stay at home with my family as much as possible. Sometimes, I go for a walk with my wife, Michelle. My daughter, Malia, sometimes hangs out with her friends and Sasha play video games. On Sundays, we play basketball. Then, we watch some movies at home. In the afternoons, I usually take a nap after lunch. I have a very busy life, so I need to rest often to be relaxed.


Hmm, Hello everybody. My lifestyle is very busy. I work and travel abroad from Monday to Saturday. I don’t have a relaxed lifestyle

I play tennis and go for a walk in the morning with the baby. But my wife stays home with the kids. So, she has an active lifestyle, too.

She doesn´t Work But, any mother has a lot of work.

I talk about my children. I have three kids. They are Luna, Paloma and Dante, the baby boy.

Luna and Paloma study in the morning. In the afternoon, Luna plays basketball, Paloma watches TV and Dante usually sleeps all day. He has a relaxed routine.



My son, Jaden, get up at 7:00 AM, He has breakfast and then goes to his school: New Village Academy. He gets home at 3:30 PM and takes a nap. On weekends, he surfs the Internet, watches TV, plays video games and. He hangs out with his friends.

My dad is my role model. He is an actor and a businessman. He travels a lot, so he doesn´t stay home. He is a busy man and he doesn´t get up late. In his free time he goes to the gym, plays basketball and takes a nap. He doesn´t hang out with his friends frequently.

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