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Luggage / suitcases

A security officer

A flight attendant


The plane is now landing. Get on the cab and drive to New York City.


What a great idea !

Let's go !


In the USA

On the east coast

Five boroughs

  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Queens
  • Staten Island
  • Bronx

8.5 million inhabitants

237 skyscrapers.

the most magnetic city in the world !

memorize the number of skyscrapers

The New York City Seal. Bill de Blasio is the mayor, elected in 2014.

The Statue of Liberty, the most iconic monument in the Big Apple. The Americans nickname her : the Lady : she is a great honor for them.

The U.N.O : The United Nation Organisation : a huge glass building. You can visit it and see different rooms : the security council rooms, for example the room where Emma Watson delivered her famous speech on the equality of sex.

Central Park, the hugest park in the USA.

Ellis Island : another very famous monument. This is the place where immigrants arrived for a sanitary inspection.Then, they were accepted to go and settle* in Manhattan.

settle : s'installer.

Brooklyn. A very famous borough, famous for its very old bridge : a link between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Harlem : a part of Manhattan situated uptown, in the north. This is the place where African Americans and hispanics live.

Battery Park : this is the place where you buy your ticket to get on a ferry and go to Ellis Island or the Statue of Liberty.

The biggest Asian place. You can do awesome shopping ! If you are crazy about gadgets and souvenir-shops, Asian food, Chinatown is just the place for you !

The highest skyscraper in New-York City : 541 meters, 104 floors, the sixth highest skyscraper in the world : 1WTC.

The One World Trade Center Observatory is at the 100th floor : $38.11. In 60 seconds you'll have the whole story of New-York City

The MOMA : Modern Museum of Art. It is one of the most amazing museum !

The Empire State Building : 1931. It is 381 meter high. It is the oldest skyscraper in New York City.

At the 102nd floor you can have one of the most breath-taking sight of the whole city !

The Flatiron Building : 1902. In 1902, it was the oldest building in the city. 20 floors !

Today, it is one of the most iconic skyscraper of New York City. What a strange building !

Listen and read the labels. When you have finished, take a photo. Click !

(écoute et lis les étiquettes. Quand tu as fini, prends un photo. Clic !).

Watch the video and do the exercises on your worksheet "video n°1".

(Regarde la vidéo et fais les exercices sur la fiche "vidéo n°1".)





Now do the exercises. Follow the instructions.

1. Click on Central Park : this is very easy.

2. Click on Brooklyn Bridge : this is a "there is/there are" exercise.

3. Click on the Statue : monuments and words.

Follow the final instruction of number 3.





Okay, let's compare Paris and New-York. Do the exercises :

1. Click on the Statue of Liberty, there are four exercises. (clique sur la flèche pour retourner à la page précédente), and on the monuments

Follow the instructions !

Suis les consignes.


  • short or long adjectives
  • short adjectives
  • adjectives in -Y.
  • adjectives ending with consonnant-vowel-consonnant (comparatives only)
  • long adjectives
  • exceptions (good, bad, far).


Let 's buy our entry tickets ! Quick !

Buy your entry ticket, tap the correct code. (Pour obtenir ton billet, entre le code secret) Remember the number of skysrapers in NYC ?

Click on a window. Watch the video with your smartphone and answer the questions on your worksheet of course

You don't have your entry ticket !

Go back and buy your ticket first !

Click on the mp3 and listen. Then do the exercises on your worksheet.

You must listen to 2 audio mp3.

1. Clique sur les lecteurs mp3 et écoute les 2 documents audio. Puis fais les exercices sur ta fiche : tu la renverras à ton professeur préféré !

Tu peux écouter l'audio mp3 autant de fois que tu veux et arrêter quand tu veux.

Mais un conseil à suivre quand même : écoute une 1ère fois sans faire de pause pour avoir une idée d'ensemble. Ecoute une seconde fois en faisant des pauses. Reécoute.


Let's revise your English preterit !

Irregular verbs

To visit Ellis Island you need past tense.

  • Pronunciation of the ED verbs 2

Regular verbs 1

Regular verbs 4

  • Pronunciation of the ED verbs 3

Very important information : remember the date of the opening of the museum.

Instructions :

1. Watch the video.

2. Click on the pink arrow and do the required exercises.

(regarde la video. Puis clique sur la flèche rose pour faire les exercices demandés).


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Thank you for your hard work. I hope you liked my creation. Mrs P.