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Introduction of "STE LOUISE DE MARILLAC" High-school






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After being a household school run by the Sisters of Saint Vincent de Paul, the school became a middle school . It was officially created in 1968 with a Vocational Training Certificate.At that time, they decided to settle in the premises of the high school Notre Dame de Bon Secours.Since then, school has gradually been rebuilt, and has been adapted to the new requirements of vocational and technological education.

The school has developed over the years.Students can follow courses either in technological high school or in vocational high shcool with professional tertiary and professional industrial teachersNowadays our school welcomes around 700 students and allows them to learn different specialties such as Business Administration, Business, Child care or Technologies from 9th to 11th grade.


Our schedules

We start every morning at 8am and finish most of the time at 5pm.During the day we have three breaks.In the morning, one from 9:50 to 10:00.Lunch that starts at 11:50 and ends either at 12:45 or 14:40.In the afternoon from 15:34 to 15:45.

At lunch we can either eat in the canteen or at the snack or even take our meal away.

During short breaks we can buy pastries and drinks at the cafeteria.

Here is our daily timetableSometimes some changes occur depending on teachers, or exceptional events

During breaks, it is possible to :

- play table football- go to the library- stay in the yard- eat or drink at the cafeteria


The main building includes classrooms spread over three floors. On each floor there are about a dozen classrooms.

In this building there is a chapel.

In this Chapel ceremonies are celebrated.


In high school we have a gymnasium, which allows us to go for sports for a maximum of 2 hours a week. Some pupils also go there to do activities like rugby, our gym. It is really big and we can practise all kinds of sports. The gymnasium is located in the back yard of the school

The high shcool gymnasium


But, it is not the only building and premises of our school.There are also :-The cafeteria,-The physics-chemistry rooms in the same building as the gym, at the back of the school,-3 floors with more than 10 classrooms,-The library -The teacher's lounge,-The administration offices...

The different sections of our school

Grammar school :- 7 th grade project- "Springboard" section : Pre-Apprenticeship- 8th gradeCAP: Certificate of Apprenticeship- ECMS = Trade employee multi specialities- PE = accompanying early childhood education- Preparation and realization of electrical structures.GENIN Carla

The 7th grade is a section welcoming pupils with great difficulties

Grammar School

7th grade project

the 8th classification is the last year before high-school. Pupils have the opportunity to have an observation internship in a professional environment and take what we call "Brevet des collèges", first certificate before high-school

8th grade

Preparation and realization of electrical structures is a two-year training in the field of building, industry, agriculture, services and infrastructure.

Apprenticeship certificate

Trade employee multi specialities

Kindergarten training course leads to a diploma you can take after 2 years training with 12 weeks of internshipsThis training is adapted to pupils who want to work with children from 0 to 6 years old

Accompanying early childhood education

Preparation and realization of electrical structures

Trade employee multi specialities is a two-year training course for pupils wishing to move towards retail sales techniques, commerce or self-service brands


The different sections of the vocational high-school

A level =- General education- Technological education (Industrial science and technology)- Vocational educationBTS : Higher technician certificate =- Digital System- Building- Management of Commercial Units

Vocational A level Diploma=- Business- Sales- Assistant Architect- Building Technician- Electrical Engineering- Digital SystemGENIN Carla

Vocational A level Diploma = Tertiary sector

Sales diplomeeUsually Works as a sales representative in a company. He can even be promoted manager.

Business diplomee =Commercial employee who works in commercial units, physically or virtually, in order to make products available to customers.

Period of study : three yearsCompany training : twenty-two weeks over three yearsQualifications : management and organization, legal literacy

Period of study : three yearsCompany training : twenty-two weeks over three yearsQualities : independence, dynamism, negotiations and communication.GENIN Carla

Vocational A level Diploma = Industrial sector

Building technician = (AA) Assistant ArchitectThis training is based on the acquisition of technical and economic knowledge in all areas of construction.

Period of study : three yearsCompany training : twenty-two weeks over three yearsQualities : Calm, concentrated and patient.

Building technician = (EE) Building EconomicsThe holder of the economic study option is a qualified professional familiar with the materials, construction techniques and their specific costs.

Period of study : three yearsCompany training : twenty-two weeks over three yearsQualities : Patient, rigorous and dynamism.GENIN Carla

Digital System : (SN) The trainee provides assistance in the preparation, installation, implementation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment as well as the installation of interconnected and communicating electronic systems

Period of study : three yearsCompany training : twenty-two weeks over three yearsQualities : Calm, patient

Electrotechnical energies and communicating equipment : (EIEEC)The diplomee has become able to master the whole of the electrical engineering industry : He is thus skilled in manufacturing and assembling electrical equipment, wiring from plans and drawings, installing electrical equipment and testing them on site and maintaining electrical equipment or installations.

Period of study : three yearsCompany training : twenty-two weeks over three yearsQualities : Concentred, rigorous and patientGENIN Carla

The 11th grade diploma in Business Administration

What is it ?

CCC and realized are the following : - The first theme to master is management of external relations That is to say know how to control purchases with suppliers. Must also know how to control the sale of tangible property and services, but also the sale of goods to customers. - The second theme to master is the management administrative and relational with the personnel That is to say know how to manage the absence, the holidays and displacements of each wage earner. It’s also necessary to know how to manage the arrival, integration and departure of an employees and there are also the financial side and also social relations with health actions security procedures. - The third theme deals with internal administration. This includes the organization of information system, of different ways of working (mail, phone), of the different working areas, and skills in managing working time. - The fourth theme deals with the management of projects You have to know how to control a project, assess it and close it. All these themes are called « poles ». All these poles involve the following knowledge : -Management -Thechnological know-how -Legal en Economics,and in writing We all have 22 weeks internship in the professional environment to pass our exam



Sainte Louise De Marillac High School is also a technological high school

9th gradeto give the student time andaccompany him in his personal project. This new class was created because many students do not know what their talents are and to avoid having them study what they don't likeWe offer to undecided students the opportunity to test some classes over a semester and then to deepen the disciplines of their choice either in technological,General education or vocational educationGeneral and technological 9th gradeThis class allows access to the general or technological path, in particular to a 10th grade in Industrial Science and Technology and Sustainable Development Industry and Sustainable Development Techniques or digital systemsFor those interested in industrial engineering, technological innovation and environmental preservation and who wish to take a multi-faceted technology training for further studies.

The Numerical Systems diploma can be taken after two years.It is a diploma which is prepared in initial training but alternately in public and private institutions.The holder of the HTC works with IT providers, or directly within companies. He will become a network administrator, a telecom and network technician, and a mobile application developer.GAVILANES Julissa

HTC : Higher technician certificate

Digital System

HTC in Building

It is a diploma which is prepared in initial training but alternately in public and private institutions. The holder of the HTC works mainly as a site manager and must be able to deal with foundations, frames, infrastructure, superstructures, insulation, veneer, plumbing, or electricity He can intervene at all levels, from the design of technical solutions to the reception of the works.GAVILANES Julissa

HTC MUC "Management des Unités Commerciales"

The HTC in Management and Business Units aims to develop two areas of expertise : management and commerce.The HTC MUC program is spread over 4 semesters (2 years of training). One part is composed of more general topics (general economy, French, law ...) and another is focused on the commercial and managerial fields.GAVILANES Julissa