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HOW DOES IT START?This film starts when Sherlock and Watson enter in a cave where Blackwood was doing a ´magical´ ritual.Before sherlock and Watson fight with Blackwood, finally they stoped Blackwood and he was sentence todeath and then, the mistery starts...HOW DOES IT CONTINUE?It was one day left to the sentence of Blackwoodand his last wish is speack with Sherlock.When Sherlock arrives to the jail, he founds that Blackwood was hypnotizing the prisioners .Blackwood said to Sherlock that he want to control the world and he can´t do nothing toavoid it.The day of his dead, Watson checked that he was dead but...The next day morning the police visited Sherlock´s house and they said that Blackwood ``had risen´´Sherlock and Watson went to the cementery to check if this was true or was a stupid idea.When they arrived to the cementery,there was many police and a old man that said that he saw Blackwood walking.. The tomb of Blackwood was broken and inside it there was another man that wasn´t Blackwood.Sherlock was very intelligent and he started to investigate.He discovered that Blackwood killed four persons and that all had a sense. He discovered that Blackwood did a sect with a lot of people and he was killing persons to dominate the world. The fift and last murder was going to be in parlamentHOW DOES IT FINSH?Sherlock resolves the case and he avoided the end of the world thanks to his intelligence. He discovered that Blackwood wasn´t a magician, he wasa....------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ COMMENT ÇA COMMENCE?Ce film commence quand Sherlock et Watson entrent dans une grotte où Blackwood fait un rituel magique.Avant que Sherlock et Watson se battent avec Blackwood, il a été condamné àmort et puis, le mystère commence... COMMENT ÇA CONTINUE ?Il restait un jour pour à la sentence de Blackwood et son dernier souhait est de parler avec Sherlock.Quand Sherlock arrive en prison, il découvre que Blackwood hypnotise les prisonniers .Blackwood dit à Sherlock qu’il veut contrôler le monde et qu’il ne peut rien faire pour l’éviter.Le jour de sa mort, Watson a vérifié qu’il était mort mais...Le lendemain matin, les policiers ont visité la maison de Sherlock et ils ont dit que Blackwood «s’était levé»Sherlock et Watson sont allés au cimetière pour vérifier si c’était vrai ou si c’était une idée stupide.Quand ils sont arrivés au cimetière, beaucoup de policiers et un vieil homme ont dit avoir vu Blackwood marcher.La tombe de Blackwood a été brisée et à l’intérieur il y avait un autre homme qui n’était pas Blackwood.Sherlock qui était très intelligent et il a commencé à enquêter.Il a découvert que Blackwood avait tué quatre personnes et que tout cela avait un sens. Il a découvert que Blackwood avait une secte avec beaucoup de gens et il tuait des personnes pour dominer le monde. Le cinquième et le dernier meurtre allait être dans le parlement! COMMENT ÇA SE PASSE?Sherlock résout le cas et il evite la fin du monde grâce à son intelligence. Il a découvert que Blackwood n’était pas un magicien, il était un...

ABOUT THE FILM:SOUNDTRACK:FAVOURITE SCENE:POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE VALUES: Positive valuesFriendshipLoveIntelligence Empathy Negative values:BloodDeadFightsViolence.

CHARACTERS:SHERLOCK HOLMES:He is a private detective and he resolves very difficult cases with facility.Is the main character, he is very intelligent and he knows exactly what he has to do every moment.He fights like anyone because moments before he fights, he think the tactic to win the fight.He has black hair and a black bear, he usually wear a dark blue jackect and a dark blue baggy trousersDr. JOHN WATSON:The doctor is Sherlock´s friend and assistant.He is astute, more sophisticated than Sherlock. He meet Sherlock Holmes in London, at baker street.He has a moustache, he always wear suits, and his black hat. He is taller than Sherlock and he is more serious too.BLACKWOOD:He is the villain of the film, everybody think that he is a magician but he actually use science to do his incredible tricks like play the dead or kill people without anyone knowed.He has black short hair and a black bear, he usually use black clothes.IRENE ADLER:She likes Sherlock, she´s intelligent like Sherlock.She usually wear a pink dress and has curly brown hair.OUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER:We have the same favourite character, It´s Sherlock.We like him because he is very intelligent and he is a very good fighter. He always know how to do all the things and he always resolve the casesTHE WORST CHARACTER FOR US IS:Blackwood is the worst because he is the villain of the film and he likes make life impossible for people.


OPINION:¿WHAT DO YOU PREFER, THE BOOK OR THE FILM? ¿WHY?MENCIA´S OPINION:I think that film is better than the book because it has very good sound and visual effects. The storie is very good too. I like this type of films because you don´t know what is going to happen and you have a lot of intrigue to see the end!I recommend a lot this film, if you see it, you´re going to enjoy it a lot!Also, if you see the film, you feel more the story and you can hear what are characters saying.JAVI´S OPINION:For me is an amazing film, for me is always a good option because when you stars seeing this incredible film you can´t stop.Also is very interesting because in all moment there is something to guess soyou try to guess who is the killer or the thief.I prefer the film because for me is more visual and there appear more funny parts that in the book doesn´t appear.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOTRE AVIS :¿QUE PRÉFÉREZ-VOUS, LE LIVRE OU LE FILM? ¿POURQUOI?AVIS DEMENCIA:Le film de Sherlock est toujours une bonne option pour voir si vous aimez les films de fiction. Je pense qu’il a de très bons effets sonores et visuels, L’histoire est très bonne aussi. J’aime ce type de films parce qu'on ne sait pas ce qui va se passer et il y a beaucoup d’intrigue jusqu'à la fin! Je recommande ce film, si vous le voyez, vous allez en profiter beaucoup!Je préfère le film parce qu'on le voit mieux, on sent plus l’histoire et ont peut entendre ce qui se passe et pour moi, c’est mieux.AVIS DE JAVI :Pour moi, c’est un film incroyable,, c’est toujours une bonne option parce que quand on regarde ce film incroyable, on ne peut plus s’arrêter.Il est aussie très intéressant parce que à tout moment il y a quelque chose à deviner.vous essayez de deviner qui est le tueur ou le voleur.Je préfère le film parce que pour moi est plus visuel et il ya plus de parties drôles que dans le livre, n’apparaissent pas

CURIOSITIES:CURIOSITIES ABOUT THE WRITER: The writer of this incredible book is Arthur Conan Doyle, he born on May 22, 1859, Arthur Conan Doyle was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. ... Doyle would go on to write 60 stories about Sherlock Holmes. He also strove to spread his Spiritualism faith through a series of books that were written from 1918 to 1926. Doyle died of a heart attack in Crowborough, England on July 7, 1930.CURIOSITIES ABOUT THE BOOK AND THE FILM:1. Sherlock was called SherrinfordOriginally Sir Arthur Conan Doyle named the sleuth Sherrinford but changed his mind – perhaps because there were well-known Nottingham cricketers called Sherwin and Shacklock and the author was a big fan of the sport.2. Holmes was inspired by a teacherConan Doyle was so impressed by Dr Joseph Bell, a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, who could diagnose patients on sight, that he based Sherlock’s skills of perception on him.3. Sherlock Holmes is the most popular film character…or at least, the most popular human character! He’s been in 226 films while Dracula has been in 239!4. And he’s been on film for more than 100 yearsWith the first silent version – Sherlock Holmes Baffled – made in 1900.5. Sherlock never says ‘Elementary, my dear Watson’It feels like everything we know is a lie! While the detective says ‘elementary’ and ‘my dear Watson’ several times, he never puts the two together.6. Queen Victoria was a Sherlock fanIn the story The Bruce-Partington Plans, Sherlock is invited to Windsor to meet Queen Victoria in recognition of his services, and is presented with an emerald tiepin.7. Conan Doyle tried to kill Sherlock Holmes because he was boredAfter two years of writing the popular stories, the author was sick of the detective, and complained ‘it takes my mind from other things’.8. The Sherlock Holmes Museum isn’t at 221b Baker StreetIt’s actually at number 239.