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The soundtrackThe sound track was made by Hans Zimmer in 2006 and was nominated on 2007 for the golden globe awards

Characters 1-Robert Langdon- Tom Hanks2-Jacques Saunière- Jean-Pierre Marielle3-Sophie Neveu-Audrey Tautou4-Bezu Fache-Jean Reno5-Silas-Paul Bettany6-Obispo Manuel Aringarosa-Alfred Molina7-El Maestro-Ian McKellen8-André Vernet-Jürgen Prochnow9-Leigh Teabing-Iam McKellen10-Rémy Legaludec-Jean-Yves Berteloot11-Teniente Jérôme Collet-Etienne Chicot 1- He is tall, he has black beard and hair, he teaches in Hardvard and he has written books about simbiology. 3- She is a policewomen with brown hair, of average height whose parents died in a car crash when she was 4 years old PICTURES 1- 2-IgnacioMy favourite character is Robert Langdon because he seems to know more than what he lets on Adriana My favourite character is : Sophie Neveu because she is very important in the film and she is very intelligent . Both And our least favourite character is Silas because he is a madman, he belives that self punishsement is correct, and also he thinks it okay to kill people.

CuriositiesIt has been translated to 44 languages.The northamercicanalbine organizacion complied because the movie left them in a really bad place. Filming began June 30, 2005 in Paris and ends in England on October 19 of the same year.     It was banned for minors in a lot of south american countries     Some time ago Dan Brown was a pop singer   There was a videogame about the book in 2006 available for X-box and playstation2     The rossalin church exists and it is very extrange

Favourite sceneAdriana.Because it is the scene when Robert Langdon descovers that Maria Magdalena is burried in the Louvre.Ignacio:This is my favourite scene because for me it explains the real dilema

Favourite sceneAdriana.Because it is the scene when Robert Langdon descovers that Maria Magdalena is burried in the Louvre.Ignacio:I like this scene because for me it explains a great part of the mistery and they become one step closer to finding the chalice.

Positive and negative values Negative:Violence never solves anithingDo not killDo not unleash the fury of the catholic churchThe end doesn´t justify the means Positive: LoyaltyLove always prevailsTeamwork and trust do not come a long way if you want to save the worldDo not judge a book by it´s cover

Summary:How it starts: Robert Langdom is a professor of symbology to whom the police ask for help to solve the murder of his friend Jack Sonier. He meets Jack's granddaughter who warns him that he is accused of being a murderer. And it helps him escape the police. As it continues: The two together find in the Luvre clues that imply that Jack belonged to a sect dedicated to protecting the inheritance of Christ. Following the clues they reach a bank where they find a crypto. Which leads them to ask for help from Robert's friend, Lee who is an expert in the chalice. With the help of Lee and his plane, they arrive in London where Mr. Isaac Newton's grave finds the answer to open the crypto and find the living descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. To end: When they have opened the cryptex they realize that Mary's grave is in a nearby church and there they will find the answer to who are the living descendants of Jesus. If you want to know something else, watch the movie on netflix. En Français: Comment ça commence: Robert Langdom est un professeur de symbologie à qui la police demande de l'aide pour résoudre le meurtre de son ami Jack Sonier. Il y rencontre la petite-fille de Jack qui l'avertit qu'il est accusé d'être un meurtrier. Et ça l'aide à échapper à la police. Comme cela continue: Les deux ensemble trouvent des indices du Louvre qui impliquent que Jack appartenait à une secte dédiée à la protection de l'héritage du Christ. Après les indices, ils atteignent une banque où ils trouvent une crypto. Ce qui les amène à demander l'aide de l'ami de Robert, Lee, expert du calice. Avec l'aide de Lee et de son avion, ils arrivent à Londres où la tombe de M. Isaac Newton trouve la solution pour ouvrir la crypto et retrouver les descendants vivants de Jésus et de Marie Madeleine. Fin: Quand ils ont ouvert la cryptex, ils se rendent compte que la tombe de Marie se trouve dans une église proche et y trouveront la réponse à savoir qui sont les descendants vivants de Jésus. Si vous voulez savoir autre chose, regardez le film sur netflix.         THE BEGENING: AS IT CONTINUES:              THE END:             

Opinion:Adriana:I personaly prefer the movie becase you are able to visualize better how the acts since in the book you have to image it you don´t always know how it goesIgnacio:I prefer the film because it gives you a better idea of whats happening since the actors play their patrt so well.French:Opinion: Adriana: Personnellement, je préfère le film parce que vous êtes en mesure de mieux visualiser la façon dont les rôles sont posés, car dans le livre, vous devez l'imaginer, vous ne savez pas toujours comment ça se passe. Ignacio: Je préfère le film car il vous donne une meilleure idée de ce qui se passe puisque les acteurs jouent si bien leur jeu.