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Ready to play the 4th EscapeRoom?,PLAY,AdiEU in FranceGrEXIT in Greece ABORTugal in PortugalSLEAVEnia in Slovenia,and change public opinion to stop...,You must go back in time,BACK,Watch this video = say No to "ADIEU",AND CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE,PLAY,BACK,MENU,NEXT,MENU,PLAY,Look at this map carefullyand click on NEXT to play,Look at this map carefullyand click on NEXT to play (say NO to grEXIT),MENU,PLAY,MENU,BACK,NEXT and PLAY,MENU,BACK,NEXT,Say No to sLEAVEnia!Look at the eTwinninglogo carefullyand click here to continue,PLAY,MENU,MENU,BACK,When the puzzle is done in less than 3 minutes, click here,Congrats! You stopped SLEAVENIA!Note the fourth word of the mystery sentence down: "EUROPEAN",NEXT,BACK,To get the fifth and last word of the mystery sentence. Answer the following question : What is this building? It's the European ...,,NEXT,BACK,MENU,NEXT,BACK,PLAY AGAIN,BACK,MENU