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Pennywise: also known as the dancing clown. He's a shape shifter and will turn into whatever haunts your mind, after that he will either eat you or swallow your soul.I can't describe him phisically because he changes form. But normally he's a evil looking clown.LOSER CLUB{members}Eddie, Beverly, Richie, Stanley, Billy, Mike, Ben.Eddie:He´s a bit of a scardy cat and has asma. in the film of 2017, he´s scared of a dead leaper.Beverly: She´s the only girl in the club. brave and shy. She is scared of her father.Richie:He´s a chatterbox and a bit rude. his fear was to die or disapear and nobody remembering him.Stanley:shy and religious. his fear was a deformed lady.Billy:He sttuters a lot. He´s also upset by the death of his little brother.Mike:Was the last member of the loser club. He is scared of a very early memory of a crow pecking him when he was only 6 months old.Ben:He is the fattest of the loser club. He hates being bullied by local bullies.Georgie:Billy´s little brother. who was killed by pennywise for trying to take his paper boat back.

CURIOSITIES:Author:Stephen KingAmerican terror author, born on the 21st of Septembre of1947.Stephen King has written 200 books some of wich areIT, Redrum and The Shining."Derry" (derry is the town from this novel/film), but there is a town called Bangor, which Stephen King has said is the town he based Derry on.

Diego H:The book is a very good horror story, it´s very intriging and interesting.My favorite scene from the film and the book is when Bill gives his little brother Georgie. But I prefer the film because it´s more scary and it doesen´t take as long.Adrián Ra:For me the book is like that the film, very entertaining! My favourite scene from the film and the book is when Eddie broken he´s arm because Pennywise made him fall though the floor onto a table. I prefer the film because the film impresed me more than reading a book._____________________________________________________Diego H:Le livre est une très bonne histoire d’horreur, c’est très intrigant et intéressant. Ma scène préférée du film et du livre est celle où Bill donne son petit frère Georgie. Mais je préfère le film parce que c’est plus effrayant et que ça prend moins de temps.Adrián Ra:Pour moi, le livre est comme le film, très divertissant! Ma scène préférée du film et du livre est celle où Eddie s'est cassé le bras parce que Pennywise l'a fait tomber par terre sur une table. Je préfère le film parce que le film m'a impressionné plus que de lire un livre.

HOW DOES IT START?:IT sadly starts with Georgie's death and the disappearance of some teenagers. The Losers Club gather around to investigate on Pennywise's case while strange things happen all around town.HOW IT CONTINUE?:IT continues to scare kids, but mainly the Losers Club. Also the Club members encounter and fight with some bullies.Later on in the film there is some character development in witch you can figure out stuff about whats going on. They (the Losers Club) figure out his (Pennywise) hide out (Haunted House)HOW DOES IT END?:Finally,The Losers Club follow IT (Pennywise) down into the sewers to fight him off. The only way to defeat him is to not be afraid of him. So as you can probably guess, that's what the Losers Club ended up doing.______________________________________________COMMENT ÇA COMMENCE?:CELA commence tristement par la mort de Georgie et la disparition de certains adolescents. Le Losers Club se réunit autour pour enquêter sur le cas de Pennywise alors que des choses étranges se produisent dans la ville.COMMENT ÇA CONTINUE?:L'informatique continue de faire peur aux enfants, mais principalement au club des perdants. Les membres du club se heurtent également à des tyrans. Plus tard dans le film, il y a un développement de caractère dans lequel vous pouvez comprendre ce qui se passe. Ils (le club des perdants) découvrent sa cachette (Pennywise) (maison hantée)COMMENT ÇA SE FINIT?:Enfin, le Losers Club suit IT (Pennywise) dans les égouts pour le combattre. Le seul moyen de le vaincre est de ne pas avoir peur de lui. Donc, comme vous pouvez probablement le deviner, c'est ce que le club des perdants a fini par faire.