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#Allthethings,It started witha menu...,40 Book Challenge,路 Debuted at opening day (teacher professional development)路 Offered incentive for early use 馃槀路 Resulted in more collaborations out the door路 Reminder throughout year for possible collaboration opportunities,#AASL19,+info,Custom Harry Potter-themed Breakout! (in),Menu 1,Menu 2,END OF #Allthethings,Well..,This isn鈥檛 about doing everything. It鈥檚 just a mindset that we鈥檝e tried to have this year.,Don't Freak Out,Say Yes,Don't Freak Out,It was a decision. Try stuff that inspires you without thinking so much about it that you talk yourself out of it. Just try it. What鈥檚 the worst that can happen?,Library Services Menu,Library Services Menu,@jengilbert42@tljamesa,路 ,+info,-Kept a running tally using Google Forms & Sheets-Shoelace charms for every 10-No rules on what students read-Audio books-Read alounds-No level requirements-eBooks-Graphic novels-Picture books,40 Book Challenge,Custom Harry Potter-themed Breakout! (in),Signage & Displays,EDHUBHub,Currently Reading,+info,Eminence Independent Schools,#AASL19,Jen Gilbert & James Allen,#Allthethings,Library as a showcase/presentation space,Student-made Creations in Vending Maching,PassionProjects,LampProject,Regular Things,Other Things...,Other Things...,Other Things...,Other Things...,Regular Things,One of first things...,Other Things...,THANKSYOU!,END OF #Allthethings,bit.ly/aaslallthethings,@jengilbert42@tljamesa,+info,DigitalSignage