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Sales Proposal


Sales Proposal


These are the road signs,barely any,British motorists,GO,understand.,No Buses,Permitted,Despite being a common sight in city bus lanes – and red ring signs being key to driving safety – more than half of motorists guessed this sign wrong.,Mini-Roundabout,Ahead,This everyday sign indicates a mini-roundabout ahead, asking drivers to giveway from their immediate right.Alarmingly,a quarter of Brits don't know this.,End of Controlled,Parking Zone,Shockingly, only 1 in 5 Britons could explain what this sign means.,Risk of,Over a third of British motoristscouldn’t explain the meaning behind this sign, with wrong answers ranging from ‘bumpy surface’ to ‘towing not permitted’.,Grounding,Level crossing without,barrier or gate ahead,Drivers in the East and East Midlands hadparticular difficulty identifying this sign – whilenot a single London-based motorist surveyedcould guess its meaning correctly.