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Key-Last Name Bhansali- Green Oswal- Blue






Family Tree

Interactive elements- Font like this

This is my mom 18 years ago. She had just come to the US a year ago and was traveling with her friends. My mom is a ray of sunshine and is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people out there. The trait I received from her is caring. My mom will always help someone no matter what. I love helping people too. I like to be positive and try to make it a little bit easier for the person no matter what. There's no point in being mean because that doesn't really benefit anyone. Like my mom says," Spread kindness. you'd be surprised at how quickly it spreads. Another trait I share with my mom is the fact that we are both quick-witted and on our feet. We are both very sharp and think fast. I like to get things done quickly and on time. My mom is the same as she also likes to get things done then and there. However, this does lead to some trouble as when I do my work I tend to haste a lot and sometimes things break..or fall.

Another person I share a trait with is my dad. He is the funniest person I know and has the BEST sense of humor. A trait I share with him is my curly hair. Both him and I have the curliest and poofiest hair known to mankind. We share the same, color, shape, and texture. This is a trait I don't like as my hair is a pain to manage. I'm glad my hair's curly I just wish it wasn't so poofy. Another trait I share with him is my eyes. We both have deep, chocolate brown eyes that sparkle whenever we have an idea. Both of our eyes are relatively big as well and they widen a lot when we're curious.

My grandmother is the most fun and coolest person to be around. I call her Nani because that's what you call your mom's mother. The trait I find similarities between us is our artistic qualities. She is a fashion designer and an AMAZING artist and painter. She likes to do floral designs like me. I love watercolor and oil paint and I love to share my pieces of art with her. She sells a lot of her art for money and makes clothing as well.

This is my grandfather on my mom's side. He is a very argumentative person and very stubborn. He is also really fun and a cool person to be around. The trait I got from him is being argumentative. He debates a lot of issues and makes very strong points. I'm similar as I like to prove my point and debate with people. We both have stubborn and debating traits. I can also be kinda stubborn like him sometimes.

This is my grandfather on my dad's side. He is a very fun and energetic person who just brightens every room he walks into. The trait I share with him is his positivity. He always thinks on the bright side and is always optimistic about everything. He can turn the most depressing situations into fun ones. I similarily don't like to be a negative person and share negative thoughts. I like to spread positivity and always try to stay on the bright side of things.