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Victoire Daubié


YEAR 9 "lce"

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Simon ColinMy name is Simon, I live in Guilers, I' in year 9 at Victoire Daubié. My nest friend is Josué. My favourite colour is green. The school subject I love the most is P.E. I love chips. I'm interested in shoes and clothes . I enjoy listening to Travis Scott. I'm keen on watching movies, the one I prefer is the Advengers End Game, I really enjoy going to the cinema with my friends. My TOTEM is my golden necklace with an ermine on it.

Gabriel ColasHello! I'm Gabriel Colas , I'm 13. I live in Locmaria Plouzané with my parents and brother Gaspard. I was born in Brest on February, 14th in 2006 . I practise GOLF every Wednesday after school. I can't stand bananas but I love lasagnas and reading booksI have a dog and a cat , err, that's it !

Sacha BessonHi! I'm Sacha , I'm 12 and my friends call me Sachatouille. I live in Plouzané , I'm in year 9. My favourite subjects at school are English and French. I really love eating chips at the school cafetaria . I don't really have a favourite book but I 'm keen on movies , my favourites are The Purge 2, Ready Player One, Inception, After.. I really enjoy going to the cinema.I love listening to Nekfeu and 70s , 80s music but also rap and electro music. I don't have a favourite colour. I'm crazy about shoes!!! I really like going on holidays with my parents and er... my favourite shop is Bershka: I love it !!

Kylian BougeardMy name is Kylian Bougeard , I live in Locmaria -Plouzané. My best friends are Gabriel, and Owen. I'm fond of the blue colour . I enjoy going to the cinema with my family and I am keen on reading books such as Harry PotterMy TOTEM is my bed because it's where I spend most of my time , I love sleeping.

Nell PinsardHello! My name 's Nell and I'm 12, I was born on July, 25th. I live in Plouzané, I'm in year 9 and my favourite subjects are Art, English and Physics. I like red and purple very much and my favourite school lunch is ...chips! I'm crazy about Warrior Cats , I love these books because there are cats and fantasy in it . I watch a lot of movies but the one I prefer is The Fantastic Beasts.I'm keen on Imagine Dragons, I love listening to pop rock music. I really travelling with my family, I went to a lot of countries , the U.S.A, Japan...I'm fond of hanging out downtown with my friends, and spending time watching videos or talking to my friends on the phone .My TOTEM is a pencil, I'm crazy about drawing I have a lot of imagination and I always draw when I get bored..I don't like doing nothing !!

Clémentine FesquetHello! My name is Clémentine Fesquet , I was born on August,1st, I'm 13. I live in Plougonvelin, I'm in year 9. I enjoy watching TV and spending time on my phone but I am also mad about reading and watching Harry Potter! I love that kind of books ! My favourite place to read books is my bed.I'm keen on travelling , I visited Scotland, England, Spain ..I HATE oysters but I love eating! With my friends, I enjoy hanging out and shopping downtown , it's very funny! I enjoy listening to music but I don't have a favourite band or singer.My TOTEM is my pair of glasses, it is black and grey, if I don't wear it I can't see anything!

Yann le GoasterHi! My name is Yann Le Goaster, I don't have a nickname. I'm in year 9.My favourite subject this year is English and my favourite school lunch is CHIPS! My best friends are Paul, Ruben,Killian, Arthur. The movie I liked the best this year is Star Wars. I'm fond of pop music, my favourite band is Imagine Dragons. I enjoy wearing T.shirts and sport shoes because I love sports. I like going to the beach with my friends very much and discovering new places with my parents during the summer holidays

Ilian CunyHello! My name is Ilian, I live in Plouzané, I'm in year 9 . My favourite subject is Maths and I love eating fish and chips at the canteen. My best friends are Clément, Jules and Maël I'm fond of reading Tchoupi because I love short stories and the band I prefer is Queen. I like watching TV, the blue colour, going shopping and going to the Fort de Bertheaume with my family,it's a beautiful place

Owen Le RouxHello, my name is Owen, I live in Locmaria-Plouzané, I'm in year 9. My favourite school subject this year is P.E and my favourite school lunch is chips. My best friends are Gabriel, Kylian, Alexis, Zachary and Raphaël. I'm not fond of reading. I enjoy watching Harry Potter movies and watching Koh Lanta on TV. I'm not really keen on music but my favourite is Electro. I like wearing shorts and sweat -shirts very much . My favourite shop is Nintendo e.store because I can buy games. I'm fond of going to amusement parks with my family, it's funny ! I enjoy reading on my couch. My TOTEM is my BMX bike , it's greenand silver, it's smaller than a mountain bike. I enjoy practising BMX with my friends because we have fun .

Roméo KusbergMy name is Roméo , I live in Plougonvelin but I was born in Bayonne. I'm not very fond of school , I prefer P.E to maths or French. For lunch I rarely eat chips even though it's my favourite dish. During week-ends, I enjoy surfing with my best friend William and my brother, I really fancing going to Sea Ride store because I can find a lot of accessories to go surfing and body-boarding and my TOTEM is blue and yellow body board, I got it for my 11th birthday, I fancy it because it is fast ! I also enjoy going to attraction parks with my family because I really like being scared in roller coasters. I appreciate reading comics such as the one about Thomas Pesquet, it is funny and interesting ! My favourite movie this year was Avengers Endgame. I'm fond of rap musicI went to the Vieilles Charrues Festival to watch Damso's gig . I don't watch TV a lot

Tristan BleuseHello, my name is Tristan, my nickname is Tritri. I live in Plouzané . I'm in year 9. The subject I like the best is P.E and the school lunch I like the most is burger and chips . My best friend is Nathan. My favourite book is Games of Thrones because there is action and fun. The movie I prefer is the Avengers, and on TV I enjoy watching Canal Football Club. I enjoy listening to rap music, and I can't live without my phone ! The shop I like the most is Micromania, there are lots of videogames! I enjoy going to football matches with my friends, it's a place to chill out and I love going to the beach with my family, we have fun there ! My TOTEM is my PS4

Maël AndréMy name is Maël, I live in Plouzané and I'm in year 9. My favourite class subject is Physics and I love eating chips at the canteen . I enjoy reading One Piece, the story is exciting and I liked the Avengers Endgame this year at the cinema. I 'm keen on listening to French rap music such as Zola, Lorenzo.. I like buying food

Lola Le GuittonHi! I'm Lola but my friends call me "BBbelouga". I live in Plougonvelin, in France. I am in year 9, Zaïg, my best friend is in year 10 . My favourite school lunch is chips. I'm crazy about Harry Potter because it is a fantastic story I enjoy reading in my bed. You can find Harry Potter accessories in Primark, my favourite store.I don't have a favourite TV show or kind of music , I like Angèle and Romeo Elvis but I prefer Lomepal and Billie Eillish. My favourite film is the Lion King I like wearing sweat-shirts and trousers, I'm fond of blue and yellow. I enjoy going to the beach with my friends , it goes with holidays or week ends .... I'm mad about going to the restaurant with my family because we don't like cooking .

Maëla BergotMy name is Maëla, my friends call me Mamaëla, I live in Locmaria-Plouzané with my family. At school, I'm in year 9. My favourite class this year is French. I'm fond of chips at the canteen when it's on the menu! My best friend is Alwena , she is not at Victoire Daubié but I like going to handball trainning sessions where I can see her . I don't have a particular colour which I'm fond of . I'm crazy about the 1980s music but I don't have a favourite performer. I'm keen on readin Harry Potter in my bed because it's fantastic! On Friday evenings, I like watching Koh Lanta very much with my family, my favourite film is Pride and Prejudice. I'm crazy about going to Pull and Bear shop because I love clothes! I'm fond of going on holidays with my family to discover new countries

Titouan StéphanHi! My name is Titouan and my nickname is Titou, I live in Plougonvelin . At school, I'm in year 9, my favourite subjects are P.E and English. I'm fond of eating chicken curry. I prefer Rap to any other music, my favourite singer is Ninho. I love reading Cherub in my bed,I enjoy this book because there are secret agent, some action. I'm mad about clothes and accessories, sweat-shirts, wristbands, I'm a fashion victim ! On holidays, I'm fond of going skiing with my family, skiing is funny !!

Eliot TorlayHello! My name is Eliot, I live in Plougonvelin. My best friend is William. I'm fond of sports, but I'm not on doing my homework! I like watching gumball and I practise handball in a club on Fridays and Tuesdays after school I also like P.E at school. My favourite singer is Marshmelow. My favourite colour is blue. I enjoy reading Harry PotterI love watching the sea and going to the beach with my friends and my family.

Axel HéliasHi, my name is Axel Hélias my nickname is "le nain".... I live in Locmaria-Plouzané, I'm in year 9 and my favourite class is P.E . I love it when then there is French fries at the canteen. My best friend are Ethan, Maël, Simon and Titouan. I like reading U4 very much because it's a postapoclyptic story ! I love watching Forest Gump and the news on TV . I like listening to rap, rock, and R'nB: I'm crazy about Kikesa.I love wearing skate shoes, I'm crazy about Spacefox because it's original. I enjoy hanging out with my friends. With my family, we're keen on going to Le Conquet. I like reading in my bed with my cat by my side, yes, he can read! My TOTEM is my pair of climbing shoes, yellow,black,blue..

Léane GrossteffanHi! My name is Léane Grossteffan , I'm 12 years old, I was born in Brest and I'm in year 9. At school my favourite subject is Arts , I'm fond of eating lasagna. My best friend is Maud, I enjoy going to the beach with her , I love swimming in the sea! The books I like the most are Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Divergente and my favourite movies are Hunger Games and Harry Potter because the books and the movies are good and so full of imagination ! I'm fond of reading in my bed ! My Favourite shop is Dialogues, the book shop. I like watching Agatha Christie's murders on TV, it's full of adventure and suspense ! My favourite colour is turquoise and my favourite item of clothing are shoes. I like going to my grand parents' with my family, they are so nice ! My TOTEM is a Titanic RMS scale model because it's a souvenir of my trip to Ireland last year. It is 82 cm long

Camille EliesHello! My name is Camille and I don't have a nickname. I live in Locmaria and I'm in year 9.I enjoy practising sports at school and during my free time I practise handball. My best friend is Elsa. I'm fond of reading Harry Potter and watching detective Pickatchu and watching 13 Reasons Why . My favourite singer is Ninho. I'm keen on the yellow colour and wearing sweat-shirts. I'm fond of to Pimkie because it's the style of clothes I like ! I love going to the restaurant with my family and practising handball with my friends !

Maud DussaugeHi!My name is Maud , I'm 12, I was in Brest . I'm in year 9. The subject I like the most at school is Arts. I enjoy eating lasagna. My best friend is Léane and the place I'm fond of going with my friends is to the beach, we are crazy about swimming! My favourite book is Harry Potter, I like the films too and Hunger Games and watching Agatha Christie's little murders on TV. I love listening to Ariana Grande. I enjoy going to Dialogues, I'm crazy about reading. My TOTEM is my transverse flute, it's a beautiful instrument! I and my family love Paris, my grand parents live there!

Elsa Le FollHello! My name is Elsa but my friends call me Zazouille. I live in Locmaria-Plouzané, my best friends are Camille and Florian. I'm in year 9, my favourite subject is P.E and I like eating chips at the canteen. I'm fond of Stranger Things and I enjoy watching Koh-Lanta on TV. My favourite colour is blue, I'm keen on going shopping, particularly at Pimkie, to buy clothes. I practise handball with my friends in a club. I enjoy going to Disneyland, in Paris, with my family because it's fun ! I like reading books in my bed but I don't have a favourite one ,nor a favourite singer either .