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What are the consequences of cyberbullying?. How can we prevent cyberbullying?. The most used social media now is Instagram, where you can post photos of you or of something that you like. You can also make ‘stories’ in which you can put music, texts, emoticons, time and gifs. After Instagram, also called among teenagers like ‘insta’, we have Facebook that is really really similar to Instagram.. Teachers, school administrators, camp, community, and faith-based staff are in unique positions to use their skills and roles to create safe environments with positive social norms. They are also in positions where they may notice children’s behavior changes in group settings, like when a group or cluster of children focuses on another child, or other signs that cyberbullying may be occurring.. Speak to a parent. Posters. 9. Reward positive behavior. Videos. M. A. D.. Speak to the child. Autumn-Winter 2019. 3. 2. Crucipuzzle 2. Allforoneoneforall. 1. Encourage peer involvement. Why are people cyberbullies?. There are things that you can do in the classroom or other group settings to address or prevent cyberbullying. . Cyberultras. Real Life Cyberbullying Horror Stories. Cyberultras. Group Assignment. Social exclusion. Tagging without permission. Terzo Comprensivo di Nocera Inferiore. Real Life Cyberbullying Horror Stories. 6. 4. 10. The more digital platforms that a child uses, the more opportunities there are for being exposed to potential cyberbullying. An adult should support the child being cyberbullied, but sometimes that’s not enough. That’s why it’s better to prevent cyberbullying.But how?. What can we do when cyberbullying happens?. Kenneth Weishuhn. Crucipuzzle 1. You might look at the internet in private, but anything you share can quickly become very public. Knowing these five types of internet abuse—which have been used by cyberbullies to embarrass, exploit and harass others—as well as strategies for protecting yourself against them, can help you avoid running into problems.. What are common cyberbullying tactics?. What are common cyberbullying tactics?. Why is cyberbullying different?. Videos. 1. Social media apps and sites commonly used by children and teens. Megan Meier. Persistent, Permanent, Hard to Notice. Cyberbullying messages and images can be posted anonymously and distributed quickly to a very wide audience. It can be difficult and sometimes impossible to trace the source. Deleting inappropriate messages, texts, and pictures is extremely difficult after they have been posted or sent.. Ludmasy. #special eition. StopCyberbullying. What are the consequences of cyberbullying?. 5. Increase digital awareness. How can we prevent cyberbullying?. Social media apps and sites commonly used by children and teens. 7. the big cyberbullying wall. Because cyberbullying happens online, responding to it requires different approaches.. We should: 1. use less social media; 2. not share personal information; 3. block people who start making fun of you. If you are currently cyberbullied ask for help to the teachers or to your parents.. Yestodiversity. Horse racing 1. Matching 1. What can we do when cyberbullying happens?. Interactive games. What can teachers do?. Another social is Twitter in which you can say whetever you want posting photos and retwitting other posts or comments. There’s also Tik Tok that isn’t a real social. On it you can upload music videos in which people can sing and dance. At the end we have Whatsapp, where we can chat with our friends, or in general with other people.. cartoons. Crossword. Games. Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.. 7. What is cyberbullying?. Speaking avatars. Here we are!. 8. Parents know their children better than anyone. It means you are best placed to indentify and deal with any cyberbullying they may encounter. There are some tell tale signs associated with cyberbullying: If your child is avoiding school, or seems upset, sad or angry when or after using their phone or PC, it may be a sign of cyberbullying. If your child begins shunning the computer or becomes disinterested with technology, it could also be a sign, as is therapid switching of screens when you enter the room. . The Best. Ludmasy. What can parents do?. What can parents do?. Encourage self-reflection. Kids who are being cyberbullied are often bullied in person as well. Cyberbullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reach a kid even when he or she is alone.. Cyberultras. Flaming. Impersonation and identity theft. 6. If you notice warning signs that a child may be involved in cyberbullying, take steps to investigate that child’s digital behavior. Cyberbullying is a form of bullying, and adults should take the same approach to address it: support the child being bullied, address the bullying behavior of a participant, and show children that cyberbullying is taken seriously.. As a parent, you must also confirm that you are dealing with bullying behaviour. Ask yourself the following four questions: 1. Is your child specifically targeted on their own or is the behaviour targeted at a group of people? 2. Has this been happening over a period of time? 3. Is the behaviour part of a recurring pattern? 4. And, is the behaviour deliberately intended to harm or upset your child?. What can teachers do?. Here we are!. Why is cyberbullying different?. Hangman 2. Matching 2. Millionaire. Horse racing 3. M. A. D.. Sex re-posting. 2. ACROSTICS. The 3 Girls. 5. 4. Stop - Block - Tell. M.A.D.. The 3 girls. Matching 3. Hangman 1. Horse racing 2. Horse racing 4. Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as. What is cyberbullying?. 8 Reasons Why Kids Cyberbully Others - Understanding the motives behind cyberbullying. school year 2019/2020PON 2014-2020. Why are people cyberbullies?. Posters. 3. 11. 8. glossary. IT summary. well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites.. glossary. It can happen any time of the day or night.. IT summary. glossary. IT summary. Cyberbullying happens for many of the same reasons as any other type of bullying, but it may be even more appealing because it can be done anonymously. Kids or teens may bully because they think it’s the best way to be popular, and hurting others makes them feel powerful. Kids or teens who are less socially successful may bully because it helps them cope with their low self-esteem, because they think it will help them fit in with their peers or because they have trouble empathizing with those they hurt. Sometimes people starts cyberbullying because they have some family problems, but that doesn’t mean they can hurt the others as they want! Some cyberbullies may think it’s normal and socially acceptable, especially when friends egg them on.. IT summary. glossary. glossary. IT summary. glossary. IT summary. Once you have confirmed that bullying is taking place, you should get in touch with your child’s school or youth organisation. Internet Service Providers should also be contacted and, if the cyberbullying is very serious, or potentially criminal, you should contact your local police. Encouraging your child to talk to you about cyberbullying is key to maintaining an open and positive environment which can help you deal with the situation. Responding negatively by barring internet use or a mobile phone can cause a lot of damage.. IT summary. glossary. IT summary. glossary. glossary. IT summary. IT summary. Cell phones and computers themselves are not to blame for cyberbullying. Social media sites can be used for positive activities, like connecting kids with friends and family, helping students with school, and for entertainment. But these tools can also be used to hurt other people. Whether done in person or through technology, the effects of bullying are similar. Kids who are cyberbullied can:• Use alcohol and drugs• Skip school• Receive poor grades• Have lower self-esteem• Have more health problems. glossary. glossary. IT summary. Memory. Yestodiversity. The Best. Ludmasy. M. A. D.. Ludmasy. The alphabet of cyberbullying. Yestodiversity. The Best. The alphabet of cyberbullying. Insieme contro il cyberbullismo. Cyberultras. Ludmasy. M. A. D.. Speaking avatars. Allforoneoneforall. Yestodiversity. The Best. The 3 Girls. Cyberbullismo. Cyberbullying. . . Cyberbullies Are Power Hungry. Develop activities that encourage self-reflection, asking children to identify and express what they think and feel, and to consider the thoughts and feelings of others. Help children develop emotional intelligence so that they can learn self-awareness and self-regulation skills and learn how to have empathy for others.. . If you think that a child is involved in cyberbullying, there are several things you can do:Notice –Recognizeif there has been a change in mood or behavior and explore what the cause might be.Talk –Ask questions to learn what is happening, how it started, and who is involved.Document –Keep a record of what is happening and where. Take screenshots of harmfulposts or content if possible.Report –If a classmate is cyberbullying, report it the school. You can also contact app or social media platforms to report offensive content and have it removed. If a child has received physical threats, or if a potential crime or illegal behavior is occurring, report it to the police.Support –Peers, mentors, and trusted adults can sometimes intervene publicly to positively influence a situation where negative or hurtful content posts about a child.. . . . Cyberbullies Are Motivated by Revenge. . . . . . . To understand children’ digital behavior and how it relates to cyberbullying, increase your digital awareness.. If you believe a child is being cyberbullied, speak to a parent about it. Serve as a facilitator between the child, parent, and the school if necessary.. . This horror story is a case of child depressionmade worse because of cyberbullying. Megan had suffered from severe depression from the age of eight and was already taking antipsychotics and antidepressants. While they helped slightly, she still suffered from her mental illnesses.A female neighbor set up a MySpace account and pretended to be a male to tease Megan. At first, Megan found herself attached to this “Josh Evans,” but “he” later turned on her and started discussing some rumors“he’d” heard. At first it all started private but then he started sharing their private messages and went public with a declaration that the world would be better without her.Megan, already susceptible to depression, believed that comment. After telling him that “you’re the kind of boy a girl would kill herself over,” she took her own life in her bedroom. She was just 13 years old.. . . Cyberbullies Are Bored. Cyberbullies Lack Empathy. . Cyberbullies Think Everyone Is Doing It. . It’s not only girls that suffer from cyberbullying. While most horror stories involve girls, there are many young boys who have to deal with the torment and horrible words. Kenneth Weishuhn was one of those boys, who was bullied because of his sexual orientation. Being gay is hard as a teen without the bullying, but it’s worse when your classmates create an anti-gay Facebook group and make death threats over the phone.This wasn’t just from enemies or people he barely knew. After he “came out,” his own friends joined in with tormenting him or they would play ignorance and never step up for their friend. Kenneth was continually harassed in school and online and eventually killed himself. He was just 14 years old.. . Cyberbullies Believe the Victim Deserves It. Cyberbullies Believe They Won't Get Caught. Role model, reinforce, and reward positive behavior towards others.. . . . . . DEFINITIONSBullying=the use of strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker peopleCyberbullying= the activity of using messages on social networking sites, emails, text messages, etc. to frighten or upset somebodyRumors= a piece of information, or a story, that people talk about, but that may not be trueEmbarrassing= making you feel shy, awkward or ashamed. Encourage peer involvement in prevention strategies.. . DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BULLYING AND CYBERBULLYINGBullyingCyberbullyingOnly students in the class and/or the school are involved;Children and adults from all over the world can be involved;Usually, only those who have a strong character, capable of imposing their own power, can become a bully;Anyone, even those who are victims in real life, can become cyberbullying;Bullies are students, classmates or Institute companions, known to the victim;Cyberbullies can be anonymous and solicit the participation of other anonymous so-called “friends” so that the person does not really know who they are interacting;Bullying actions are told to other students in the school where they took place, are limited to a specific environment;The material used for cyberbullying actions can be spread worldwide;Bullying takes place during school hours or on the journey from school to school, school to home;Aggressive communications can take place 24 hours a day;School or class group dynamics limit aggressive actions;Cyberbullies have ample freedom to do online what they couldn't do in real life;Need for the bully to dominate in interpersonal relationships through direct contact with the victim;Perception of invisibility on the part of cyberbullies through actions hidden behind technology;Visible reactions from the victim and visible in the act of bullying;The absence of visible reactions from the victim which do not allow cyberbullies to see the effects of his actions;The tendency to evade responsibility by taking violence on a playful level.Personality splitting: the consequences of your actions are attributed to the created "user profile".. If you think a child is being cyberbullied, speak to them privately to ask about it. They may also have proof on their digital devices.. Cyberbullies Cave Under Peer Pressure. . . . Impersonation is pretending to be someone else and can range from obvious mockery to actually borrowing or stealing someone's identity—such as their name, image, or identifying information—to carry out actions which are attributed to the victim.. Younger internet users, especially teenage girls, can also be flattered into sexting images of themselves, or flashing on a webcam, by predators, pedophiles, and pornographers who can use these images for cybersex. This is known as coercion and is a form of internet abuse.. GLOSSARYEquipment= attrezzaturaTools =utensiliMean =meschinoRumors =pettegolezzi. ITALIAN SUMMARYIl cyberbullismo è diverso dal bullismo perché può raggiungere le vittime in ogni momento del giorno e della notte attraverso messaggi difficili da cancellare una volta inviati. GLOSSARYReach = raggiungereWide audience = pubblico vasto. ITALIAN SUMMARYIl cyberbullismo è una forma di bullismo che prende vita sui social network. Esempi di cyberbullismo sono dei messaggi meschini e offensivi, immagini inadeguate, video che circolano grazie a siti web e profili falsi.. DEFINITIONSCyberbullying= the activity of using messages on social networking sites, emails, text messages, etc. to frighten or upset somebodyAnonymously= by somebody who does not want their name to be known or made public. Flaming is the practice of posting derogatory comments about another person or posting up untrue information about someone in order to damage her image or reputation.. ITALIAN SUMMARYEsistono vari tipi di cyberbullismo:ESCLUSIONE SOCIALE - L'esclusione sociale è una delle forme più lievi di cyberbullismo, ma può causare gravi disagi. Potrebbe includere un'intera classe che non accetta una richiesta di amicizia da un determinato compagno di classeTAG SENZA AUTORIZZAZIONE - La codifica è un modo per allegare il nome di una persona a un'immagine online in modo che il suo nome appaia sull'immagine, o in modo che le immagini di una determinata persona possano essere identificate cercando le immagini taggate usando il loro nome.FLAMING - Il flaming è la pratica di pubblicare commenti sprezzanti su un'altra persona o pubblicare informazioni false su qualcuno al fine di danneggiare la sua immagine o reputazione.SEX RE-POSTING - Il sexting è un'attività rischiosa, ma quando sei in una relazione, puoi essere attratto dal sexting di una tua foto alla persona amata senza pensare al potenziale rischio futuro che possa essere usato contro di teFURTO D’IDENTITA’ - Si finge di essere qualcun altro e si può andare dall'evidente beffa al prendere in prestito o rubare l'identità di qualcuno - come il suo nome, immagine o informazioni identificative - per compiere azioni che sono attribuite alla vittima.. DEFINITIONSTagged= the use of strength or power to frighten or hurt weaker peopleCyberbullying= the activity of using messages on social networking sites, emails, text messages, etc. to frighten or upset somebodyDerogatory= showing a critical attitude towards somebodyPedophiles= a person who is sexually attracted to children. GLOSSARYAbuse= abusoExploit=sfruttareHarass=molestareCyberbullies=bulliFlattered=lusingato/a. Social exclusion might be one of the mildest forms of cyberbullying, but it can cause serious distress: it's the online equivalent of leaving someone out of a group to which they should expect automatic membership.. Tagging is a way of attaching a person's name to an online image so that their name appears on the image, or so that images of a particular person can be identified by searching for tagged images using their name.. GLOSSARYSelf-esteem = AutostimaPeers = Coetanei/ColleghiTo hurt = Fare del male. ITALIAN SUMMARYI cyberbulli spesso diventano tali per varie motivazioni: problemi familiari, poca autostima o difficoltà a socializzare.. DEFINITIONSCyberbullying = The activity of using messages on social networking sites, emails, text messages, etc. to frighten or upset somebody.Empathize = (with somebody/something) to understand another person’s feelings and experiences, especially because you have been in a similar situation.. DEFINITIONSTo ask: to say or write something in the form of a question, in order to get informationTo share: to have or use something at the same time as somebody else. ITALIAN SUMMARYPer evitare i casi di cyberbullismo bisogna bloccare chi ti prende in giro, non condividere le proprie informazioni con sconosciuti, quindi in generale essere più prudenti perché non sappiamo chi c’è dietro lo schermo e perché a volte essere consolati non basta.. GLOSSARYTo prevent: prevenirePersonal information: informazioni personaliTo block: bloccare . GLOSSARYBehavior = comportamentoResponding = rispondereRecognize = riconoscereHarmful = dannosa/oThreats = minacce. ITALIAN SUMMARYSe noti segnali di avvertimento che un bambino potrebbe essere coinvolto nel cyberbullismo, prendi provvedimenti per indagare sul comportamento digitale di quel bambino, sostieni il bambino vittima di bullismo.. DEFINITIONSCyberbullying= the activity of using messages on social networking sites, emails, text messages, etc. to frighten or upset somebody. GLOSSARYMean = SignificareAvoid = EvitareSeem = SembrareShun = schivare, evitare, scansareBehaviour = ComportamentoEnvironment = Ambiente. DEFINITIONSCyberbullying=the activity of using messages on social networking sites, emails, text messages, etc. to frighten or upset somebody. ITALIAN SUMMARYEsistono segnali che indicano che siamo in presenza di cyberbullismo. In quel caso i genitori dovrebbero contattare le organizzazioni interessate, incoraggiare i propri figli a parlarne.. GLOSSARYFaith-based=basata sulla fedeEnvironments=ambientiDevices=dispositiviBehavior=comportamento. ITALIAN SUMMARYQuando gli insegnanti notano delle situazioni di bullismo devono subito procedere seguendo alcune regole.. DEFINITIONSFacilitator = is a person who helps somebody do something more easily by discussing problems, giving advice, etc. rather than telling them what to doSelf-reflection = serious thought about your own character and actions Empathy = the ability to understand another person’s feelings, experience, etc. . ITALIAN SUMMARYUna panoramica sui social più utilizzati oggi dai bambini e dagli adolescenti spiegando l’utilizzo e le funzionalità di ognuno di essi.. GLOSSARYRetwitting = postare nuovamente altri post (è usato nello specifico per Twitter)Chat = messaggiare. DEFINITIONSRetwit= post another time other posts (it’s used especially for Twitter). DEFINITIONSEffect: a change that somebody/something causes in somebody/something else; a result.Problem: a thing that is difficult to deal with or to understand. ITALIAN SUMMARYGli effetti del cyberbullismo possono essere: uso di alcohol e droghe; saltare la scuola; voti negativi; bassa autostima; maggiori problemi di salute.. GLOSSARYHurt = ferireDrug = drogaSkip school = saltare la scuola. ITALIAN SUMMARYMegan Meier era una ragazza che soffriva di depressione. La sua vicina la prendeva in giro sui social fingendosi un ragazzo. Megan alla fine, stremata, si sucida a 13 anni.Kenneth Weishuhn era un ragazzo gay che veniva preso in giro da tutti, anche a scuola. Alla fine, si suicida all'età di 14 anni. . DEFINITIONSDepression= a medical condition in which a person feels very sad and anxiousSuffer= to be badly affected by a disease, painIllness= the state of being physically or mentally illHarass= subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation.. GLOSSARYDepression = depressioneSuffer = soffrireAntipsychotics = antipsicoticiAntidepressants = antidepressiviIllness = malattiaNeighbor = vicinoRumor = pettegolezzoBelieve = credereSexual orientation = orientamento sessualeBarely = a mala penaHarass = molestare. . . . . . . INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE LESSONThis is a special lesson about cyberbullying, created by students for students.Please, follow these instructions:1. BRAINSTORMINGstart from the big cyberbullying wall - it's a brainstorming activity, a board where you can find images, videos, definitions, and personal questions about cyberbullying2. PRESENTATIONread some essential information about cyberbullying (with a glossary, an Italian summary and some interesting definitions)3. FUNenjoy yourself with our videos, speaking avatars, interactive games, posters, and cyberbullying alphabets4. ITALIAN CORNER read our Italian e-books for a deeper comprehension of the topic and play with our games5. HERE WE ARE read about who we are on our personal digital board.. ITALIAN CORNER. FUN. BRAINSTORMING. PRESENTATION. HERE WE ARE