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YOUR TEACHER HAS A SECRET MESSAGE IN HER PHONE.YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION!! WHEN YOU FINISH TO HEAR IT CONTINUE IN THE GAME.,,5,4,1 ,2,**,8,6,9,6,3,4,8,5,1 ,9,*,8,2,3,7,1 ,9,ABCD,9,8,6,0,7,2,3,very talkative,1. How was Phileas Fog?,A rich bussinessman,Misterious and open minded,You did not find your passport on time and the train has left without you!,Try again,Failed!!!,2,7,8,1 ,0,***,4,3,6,1 ,9,2,0,3,4,6,8,***,3,1 ,0,6,4,9,8,5,CONTRASE√ĎA INCORRECTA,5,0,3,4,1 ,2,8,7,ABIERTO,7,*,4,5,9,6,0,8,2,3.What is the conversation about when Phileas arrives to the club?,The world is very small,A big robbery,2.Why does Jean Passepartout want to serve Phileas?,Because he is bored,Because he wants to have a regular, quiet life,Because he needs money,Click only whenthe teacher says so!,0,0,2,0,6,4,5,5,7,2,6,3,Food,MISSION,Have a nice Jorney!!!,Congratulations,Start,ESCAPE GAMERound the World in 80 days,Chapter 1,7,3,7,5,4,**,1 ,9,5,7,9,1 ,Jules Verne,servant,VICTORIA STATION,writer,Fix,Phileas Fog,Detective,Important people to know about...,Explorer,Passepartout