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Sounds a Quail Makes,A PLS Lesson,Photo: Missouri Department of Conservation,Photo: Mick Thompson,NEXT,Songs,vs,Calls,NEXT,Photo: Nicholas Pederson,NEXT,Photo: Aaron Maizlish,NEXT,Photo: belen bilgic schneider,Photo: Andrej Chudý,NEXT,Gambel's Quail Sounds,Songs vs Calls,Northern Bobwhite Quail Sounds,Montezuma Quail Sounds,Wait! Have you reviewed all these sections?,Scaled Quail Sounds,Yes, I have reviewed everything for the quiz!,Want more quail? Check out these resources!,QUIZ,Funding for this lesson was provided through the Reversing the Quail Decline Initiative and the Upland Game Bird Stamp Fund, based on a collaborative effort between the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service.,Quail Decline Facebook Page,Wild Wonderings Blog,NRI YouTube Channel,NRI Twitter,Photo: MTSOfan,NEXT,Photo: Robin Agarwal,NEXT,MENU,What is birdsong?,Songs vs Calls,Northern Bobwhite Quail,Gambel's Quail,Montezuma Quail,Scaled Quail,MENU,MENU,MENU,MENU,MENU,MENU,What is birdsong?,Northern Bobwhite Quail,Gambel's Quail,Montezuma Quail,Scaled Quail,Song,Covey Call,Mating Call,Song,Mating Call,Alarm Call,Assembly Call,Contact Calls,Assembly Call,Alarm Call,Assembly Call,Contact Call,What is birdsong?,Distraction Call,Contact Call