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The Mesozoic Era,The Triassic Period250 - 201 million years ago,Dinosaurs are one of many groups of reptiles that lived (and reigned) during the Mesozoic Era,Fauna to know,The Cretaceous Period145 - 66 million years ago,Paleogeography,Everything you need to know about The Age of Reptiles,When was the Mesozoic Era?,Let´s travel back in time to...,TheMesozoic Era,The name is derived from Greek and means "middle-life". It falls between the Paleolithic ("ancient-life") and Cenozoic ("new-life") Eras.It is also referred to as "The Age of Reptiles".,VIDEO,The Jurassic Period201 - 145 million years ago,Thanks!,1.The name2.The timeline3. Video overview4. Paleogeography5. Fauna6.Learn more,INDEX,LEARN MORE,Where can you see dinosaur fossils?,2,1,5,4,6,3