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VIDEO,Everything you need to know about The Age of Reptiles,Let´s travel back in time to...,TheMesozoic Era,Paleogeography,The name is derived from Greek and means "middle-life". It falls between the Paleolithic ("ancient-life") and Cenozoic ("new-life") Eras.It is also referred to as "The Age of Reptiles".,The Mesozoic Era,Dinosaurs are one of many groups of reptiles that lived (and reigned) during the Mesozoic Era,Fauna to know,When was the Mesozoic Era?,The Triassic Period250 - 201 million years ago,The Jurassic Period201 - 145 million years ago,Thanks!,The Cretaceous Period145 - 66 million years ago,INDEX,1.The name2.The timeline3. Video overview4. Paleogeography5. Fauna6.Learn more,LEARN MORE,Where can you see dinosaur fossils?,1,2,3,5,6,4