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12th October

Testing (Interviews)

The Eagle Patrol flys over San Javier


In September of 1892, a law was proclaimed in such a way that the 12th October is considered a national day. However, it was not until 1935 when it was celebrated for the first time in the capital.city.

The Spanish National Day is celebrated on October 12th, which commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America.

How long is it being celebrated?


on the 12th October?

What is celebrated

➤ A military parade is organised in the capital city (Madrid). ➤ The Royal Family and the presidents of all the Autonomous Communities come to witness it. ➤ It´s an open act . ➤ Furthermore, the different armies (naval army, land army and air force) show their work by opening museums, military bases.etc, across the country.

institutional level in Spain?

How is it celebrated at an

Some examples of how it is celebrated in the Autonomous Communities:

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In the Latin countries, this festivity receives different names. For example; ¨Race Day¨, ¨Columbus Day¨, "Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity",... In our country, this celebration is understood as the fusion of Spanish and Indigenous cultures. Some other countries commemorate the struggle between both ethnic groups.

It´s celebrated in many Latin-American countries such as Panama, Uruguay, Cuba, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras...It´s also celebrated in the United States.

Any particularity?

celebrate it?

Which other parts of the world


The Spanish National Day is celebrated in San Javier, where the Eagle Patrol (Air Force) is located. On this day, at nightfall , the Patrol performs an airplane show based on fireworks on the beach.

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