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By: Jason ReyolndsCompanon Text By Karsyn S


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Chapter 1Ghost and His Father’s Relationship Throughout the book Ghost, Ghost and his father do not have a very strong relationship. His father is a drunken-rage, and their emotions are shown in a strong vocal way. Ghost’s father tried to kill Ghost and his mother by chasing them through their apartment, and down the street with a loaded gun, aiming to kill them. Therefore, when this happened Ghost was devastated and his words were, “ He was shooting at us! My dad! My dad was actually shooting at us! His wife and his boy!” (Reynolds 6.) He was put in prison for ten years, and Ghost wishes he would have been sentenced for more. Although Ghost does not have a dad now. The night of this tragic event was the moment when Ghost learned how to run. He was practically running for his life as fast as he could. In addition to this Ghost was only a young boy when all of this happened. This affects how Ghost lives his life because now he doesn’t have a father. Also, he won’t have anyone to practice running with at home like a father-son thing. Now that Ghost is on the track team his coach helps out by giving him rides home from practice. Although, his coach doesn’t really act like his father but he still plays the role of him. In addition to this, he does not talk about not having a father often because it all happened when he was younger, and it’s not the topic he would want to discuss. In conclusion, the events that take place in the book indicate that Ghost and his father do not have a strong relationship. Jason Reynolds uses their relationship to shape Ghost and his coach’s relationship.

Reynolds, Jason.Ghost. New York, Atheneum Books For Young Readers, 2016.

Karsyn SBlock 710-20-19Chapter 2 Companion TextPassion For Running The events Ghost experienced in his past creates his passion for running. Because of this he loves running because it gives him a break from all his problems. Ghost is a runner that’s on a team, and after the incident with his father, was the time he learned how to run. Ghost has lots of passion for the sport track. He tries out for the track team, and makes it. The first time he learned how to run was when he was being chased by his father, about to get shot. The struggles with his family, and not having a dad does not affect everything he does. Therefore nothing is holding him back from trying new things. The effect of him running was that he was very surprised he made the team because his teammates are just as fast as him. Running helps Ghost escape his problems such as thoughts about his dad. Although during tryouts Coach was happy Ghost got accepted to the team. His first words were, “so nice of you to finally join us, Mr. Cranshaw” (Reynolds 99). Knowing that he made the track team he’s mostly focused on running now. He realizes he doesn’t have shoes to run in, and he knows his mother won’t be able to afford a new pair. Therefore showing his respect for trying to do his best in track he decides to steal a pair of shoes from “Everything Sports.” Stealing was not the way to go because now he’s being accused a thief. All over town there are posters of him and his picture saying “thief.” In result to this, it shows that Ghost cares about how his results turn out when running. His coach eventually goes back and pays for them. Therefore the cause and the effect of running has put Ghost in a position to enjoy the sport track. Not only does he do it for fun he does it to escape his problems.

IntroductionCompanion Book about Ghost by Jason Reynolds Ghost is a page turning book that you will learn about why this eighth grade boy has so much passion for the sport track. In this companion book, you will find out about relationships between the characters, and also about why his favorite sport is track. You will also find out more about what life's like as an eighth grade boy. In Ghost it explains how he learned about problems he faces and why to avoid those mistakes.