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a dogs journy

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by W Bruce Cameron

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Photo byJoséphine Menge onUnsplash

Lauren Pearson A Dog's Journey Block 4 C H A P T E R O N ERUNNING AWAY If you love something enough, you’d do anything to protect it. CJ got a dog without her mom’s permission. CJ knew her mom wouldn’t be happy, so she hid it. It was a bad idea, but her only option is she wanted to keep the dog. The dog whined, barked, and did other loud things. I guess what made CJ’s mom really hate Molly much more than she already did was because Molly “ruined” her moms New Years party. For instance, Molly signaled for cancer and CJ told the woman right away, and she started crying. Molly also attacked one of her moms friends because he was touching CJ inappropriately. CJ was right about her mom hating her having a dog. Her mom tried to get her and the dog to separate. Specifically, she took Molly to the pound while CJ was at school. Molly stayed there for a while until CJ found her. CJ was so happy to see Molly, until she found out her mom brought her to the pound. CJ knew it was too dangerous for Molly to stay, she thought of something crazy out of her love for this dog. They ran away to California. In California, they would eat tangerines off the trees, and sleep in CJ’s car. They met a waiter he was aspiring to be an actor. He really liked CJ. He gave them free food. He asked her out but she said no. There was a mysterious man who broke into her car. This event got the attention of a police officer. The police officer got the man to go away. When he asked for CJ‘s ID she ran away, because she thought she was going to jail. He was just seeing if she was a minor, which she was. He sent her back home. CJ‘s mom didn’t care if she was OK. She grounded CJ as a result of running away. That was obviously going to happen. She was either going to take CJ‘s devices or Molly. CJ got to pick. CJ chose to keep Molly, because nothing is more important to CJ than Molly.

A dogs JourneyLauren PearsonC H A P T E R T W OCANCER One of the themes of my text is that dogs are very smart animals. CJ had to do community service at a dog training center. She was charged to help because she tried to steal the test answers. She really didn’t. She was forced to watch for a teacher. The center was teaching dogs how to detect cancer because dogs are smart. VJbrought Molly to keep her mom away from her. Molly copied the dogs and also learned how to detect cancer. She was a very smart dog. After she learned how to find cancer, Molly detected cancer at a woman a New Year’s party CJ‘s mom was throwing. She probably saved the woman's life. CJ‘s mom hates Molly even more because of this, Molly “ruined” her party. In her life after she was Molly, she was Max. He detected cancer in Trent, CJ’s husband. He thought Max was praying.CJ knew what Max was saying. Trents life was saved. In her past life she died because of cancer. She described cancer to taste and smell like a recyclable pie tin. Cancer is a disease that goes through the whole book. Every life in the book has some form of cancer.

Cameron, Bruce.A Dog's Journey. Chippendale, Pan Australia, 2013.

This book is the part two of A Dogs Purpose. The dog as buddy meets Clarity, or CJ for short. After Ethan died, he feels he has no purpose. He decided that his new purpose is to protect CJ. As he goes through his lives, protecting CJ, he finds his true meaning of his life.