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october 2019

A digital mapping of traditional jobs in Europe

Image : Mairie de Bourges


La Voiselle

Le Moulon

“Jacques Coeur's palace was very interestingly built and overall very beautiful. We liked the decorations of the house a lot as well as the statue outside of the mansion. The house has a lot of space and very little furniture, but the things in the house are very beautiful. Something that wasn't so good about the visit was that we had to wait because there were too many people inside.”Malvina, Jana, Marta


"If you are walking through an old street, you'll always feel welcome and comfy."Lena and Clara"Streets are very interesting. The design of the timber-framed houses is stunning. It is very different from our countries and we like it."Ardian, Dara, Davide and Nikola

“Bourges is a very typical town in France. Buildings are old and very traditional. We were impressed by the cathedral. On the first day we had a guided tour through Bourges. We visited the cathedral Saint-Etienne. It is a very old and big building from the 13th century. According to us, the main portal of the cathedral is one of the best parts of it because of its decorations, at least we were very impressed.”Ardian, Dara, Davide and NikolaBourges is a little city but we liked it, and the most beautiful sight was Saint Etienne's Cathedral because it was very interesting and particular; and there was Mrs Beatrice de Chancel who explained everything very simply.Maya and Allegra

"The garden is a nice place to hang out and chill with friends. The atmosphere is nice and there are lots of beautiful flowers that smell nice. It is also a nice place for kids to play and the fact that you can borrow books from a box in the middle of the park is a nice idea and attracts more people there."Malvina, Jana, Marta

"The school is very big. It is divided in two parts. It has a lot of students. There are some students who sleep in the boarding school. The canteen is very good and well organized. There are more than 1,000 students.Sadly many of us feel like there isn’t enough free time and a little too much walking around. The food is really good and there is a lot to eat. The bell’s sound is weird and different from other schools."Malvina, Jana, Marta

"We did the bookbinding at school, which was fun and interesting."Malvina, Jana and Marta

“Our workshop was about making jewellery from glass with Valerie Vayre, an artist located in La Fabrique in rue Bourbonnoux. After we saw her work, in her shop, we could not wait to make it by ourselves. While she was explaining, we were trying to get as much information as we could. Then, it was our chance to show what we could do. We always had to stay focused because we were doing two things at the same time; we had to keep on turning a stick while melting the glass. It was hard, but when we understood the mechanism, we were getting more confident. At the end we were really happy and proud of ourselves when we saw the results. We cannot wait to show it to our family when we bring it home.”Eva, Anna, Mia, Gaia

"We were in the workshop of stain-glasses. It was very hard, complicated but also cool. After this workshop we looked at the windows of the cathedral with so much respect."Nikola, Jonas, Dara, Davide and Ardian

"We did catering and we cooked some French food: galettes de pommes de terre and the famous Tarte Tatin, which are typical recipes from the Berry.The students from Lycée Jacques Coeur, with their teacher Stéphane Derotteleur, showed us how to cook these recipes: it was very funny and the food was delicious."Maya and Allegra

Main tower of the Jacques Coeur Palace from the courtyard (Bourges, France) - Rémi Mathis -Wikimedia Commons - This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Kathedrale Saint-Etienne von Bourges bei Nacht by Wladyslaw Sojka at Germa nWikipedia - This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike