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What about Spain?. Discovery. of America. EconomicConsequences. On 12th October 1492, Christopher Columbus arrived to one of the Bahama Islands and called it San Salvador.America had been discovered. From this moment, Spanish sailors at the beginning, and later from other countries started exploring the continent.. But what were the consequences of this Discovery?. For America. In fact, it was the first and most famous of the 4 trips performed by Columbus.And a lot of expeditions by many other explorers from Spain and from other countries... Many crops were taken to America. Some of them addapted really well, better than in Europe. It's the case of coffee.. For Europe. Birth of the European empires: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and DutchWars among themPiracyFrequent attacks to the American Ports. For America. Many indigenous people died (wars, forced labors, new epidemics...)Mass racial crossing.SlaveryThe appearance of the Creole bourgeoisie. SocialConsequences. For Europe. Some crops were taken from America, changing the way of eating of the continent and saving people from famine. Potatos, corn, tomatos, .... Trade with America was develop even further than inner trade in Europe. It made prizes rise and cities with port to make bigger and bigger.. PoliticalConsequences. For America. European culture in introduced in all areas of life.Some religious rits are adapted and old languages preserved. Nearly total knowledge of the world was stimulated with travel and geographical expeditions: First circumnavigation to the world, new species and minerals, measures on Earth, cartography. CulturalConsequences. For Europe. Fall of the pre-Columbian empires: Aztecs, Mayans and Incas. For America. For Europe. Millions of Europeans emigrated to AmericaIndian phenomenon: People left their land with nothing and became rich thereSocial rise of commercial bourgeoisie. Commercial techniques revolutionized the countryArrival of exotic products, silver and goldNeed for the establishment of a stable capital of the Spanish Empire: Madrid. Black Legend: anti-Spanish and anti-Catholic propaganda which started in the 16th century in the attempt of demonizing it. One of the subject was the Conquest of America. Development of the scientific and geographic expeditions: Elcano (circumnavigation of the World), Jorge Juan and Ulloa and Malespina (Cartography), Celestino Mutis (Botany).... Thank you for your Attention!