Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


Wookie – Chief Biscuit Muncher


I am a vital part of this team!

I remind everyone to take regular breaks outdoors while I check the perimeter for squirrels.

I also eat biscuits and sleep in walkways.

Eve - Director

I’m Eve

I’m responsible for this Motley Crew. I come up with creative concepts and ensure your projects run on time and on budget. Sometimes I take really long lunch breaks.

Jack - Creative Director


I am the creative director here at Gnu Films. I oversee the running of projects and creative development of our clients content. I am a digital lumberjack and I get on Tom's nerves…

Tom - Animator


I’m the company’s resident animator! Amongst other things, my time in the office is spent bringing your animation projects to life!

Amy – Junior Production Assistant


I help with the smooth production of your video! You might find me on-set helping ensure everything is on time and going to plan!

Baby Gnu Facts

  • Gnus are pregnant for eight and a half months.
  • At the beginning of the rainy season, 500,000 baby gnus are born in February and March each year, according to National Geographic.
  • Baby Gnus are called calves.
  • Calves are quite large; they can weigh 44 to 49 lbs. (20 to 22 kg) at birth.