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Genially en inglés para 4º con temática de Kingdom Heart y Disney


Hi! How are you?My name is Mickey. Welcome to Destiny Island!It's is gorgeous, isn't it? But, I have bad news.The Door to Darkness is open and seven of our best friends were taken from us. The shadowsare controlling our beautiful world and they took our friends. The heartless are too strong! Their goal is to remove the joy and the happiness of our friendsBut, there is hope! Disney is known because of its great songs!And music can bring us the light back again!So you need to get the hearts of our friends back through singing.What do you have to do?First, you meet Donald and Goofy atTraverse Town. Once in the Traverse Town, speak to them and find out which world you need to go first.Secondly, you will have to do some activities, role playing, games and above all karaoke where YOU GET TO SING!Once you complete the missions, you will receive a heart. Make sure to finish each one so you can bring back the light again and kick out the shadows from our world.Not too difficult, right?Bye

Hello friend!My name is Jiminy Cricket and I'll be there for you and your teacher too. I'll be your helper.

Hey guys!I am so happy to see you! We are safe!I am Donaldand as Mickey said, We are in trouble! We need our friends back as soon as possible to fight the Heartless! I will kick their ass out!You are our last hope!

Hey Sora!Donald, you and I will fight the Shadows and save our friends!You need to go to the Olympus Coliseumand ride the Spaceshipand meet Hercules. Be sure to follow the steps, give it your all, and sing your best!We make a great team together!

You can use the dictionary at any time!Read the paragrah first and find what words you already know.

Hey Donald, Goofy and Sora!I am Hercules, your friend. I've lost my strength because of the Heartless. I need your help by singing my 'I can go the distance' and find out who I was.To make that happen, you need to my life stories- who I was and what made me great. You need to be me. Make me proud by singing my hit song, then I will take my heart back.Are you ready?In the first lesson, learn all about me. Read this text and answer the questions in group.GO FOR IT!

You can use the dictionary at any time!Read the paragrah first and find what words you already know.

Hey Buddies!The second mission is here! Today you have to translate the lyrics and listen to the song again.I think, It's been too easy for you. Next day, It won't be like that. Hahahaha!Are you sure you want to do it?GO FOR IT!

Hercules!You are a great and wonderfull Heroe. I know really who you are. You don't belong to the darkness, you are one of us.I am going to tell you exactly How you look like and What you are like.GO FOR IT!

You can use the dictionary at any time!Everyone is going to write their own answers. Then, pass the worksheet to your partner to your right. The goal is to write the best answer. Use different colors.

Hi Sora,The darkness is among me. You think that you really know me, however I've changed. I am different heroe.Do you want to face me?

Ey kids!Hercules was weak once. I made him stronger and a real hero. Do you want to see what we did?Just click, watch the video and answer the questions!Rule number 2: Do it!GO FOR IT!

Watch the video as many times as you need!Use the dictionary. It will be helpful.

Let's go one-on-one!I'll sing and I'll beat you!GO FOR IT!

Just sing and sign over and over again!

Sora!I am not gonna go easy on you!Let's fight and sign!

It wasn't that bad, wasn't it? Let's find another mission. I am really get into it!

Hey guys!We did it! I'm so proud of you! What it is the next mission?

Yes, Donald! Hercules was a great rival! Do you know where should we go know?

Ah-hyuck!Christmas is coming! I think we have to go to Halloween town and meet Jack Skellington! I think he was possessed too.



Boo! MUAHAHAHA! You are at Halloween Townand my name is Jack Skellington!The heartless are in this town and I want to change that!I lOVE CHRISTMAS! I want to make Christmas the greatest event ever! But, You need to help me but, I won't make you easy! You will work hard!First, at least know me!Are you ready?GO FOR IT!VOCABULARY

Draw carefully, use the dictionary and ask your teacher :)

Christmas is around the corner! We need to sing right now!Why don't you help to make this Christmas the best one ever?WE ARE GOING TO SING ALL TOGETHER!GO FOR IT!

Feel the music!

Christmas gone too fast!

We can go and visit Jack at any time!

Yes...I will miss Christmas Town!

Ey, Sora! What is the next step?

Psss... I don't know... I want just to relax and 'carpem diem'.

'Carpe diem'? Ummm? I know a place where Hakuna Matata is a way of life...

Ah-hyuck! Ah-hyuck!I am a turtle! This is so funny because I have a shell!

So, guys, I think we should learn how to communicate like animals and meet the rest of them.We need to do some simulations! What about some role plays?In groups of 3/4, you must prepare a role play using the vocabulary of any unit in the student's book or any other from a different place.It can be customized or even bring some objects to the class and improve it.

We became into animals! I am a toucan! What is going on?

Ask your teacher if you have any doubt. Also, you can use others pupil's books of other years.

It's time to be happy and positive! We need to stay strong at this moment. So, let's sing Hakuna matata and make this a memory to remember!CLICK HERE

Sing your part and do it different! Be creative and be awesome!

This mission was great!

Yes! Bugs are yummy!

I loved Hakuna Matata!

Ey, Sora! What is the next step?

Hey! Who is that rabbit!

He has just disappeared!

Let's follow him!

You have to describe the picture using "There is" - "There are" - "Some" - "Any".

Why is there a birthday party?

Yes... Today it's not our birthday. What's going on?

Yes it is! Donald! Today is our unbirthday party! So we have to celebrate it!Look at this picture and describe it following the objects you can see there. Use: There is, there are, some and any.MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT THE PICTURE (OR AUDIO). Also, you can describe what they are wearing.To remember: WATCH THIS VIDEOVocabulary to use:CLICK HERE to see what words you have to use.Clothes: You should take a look into your notes or dictionary.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------¡Sí lo es, Donald! ¡Hoy es nuestra fiesta de cumpleaños! ¡Entonces tenemos que celebrarlo!Mira esta imagen y descríbela teniendo en cuenta los objetos que puede ver ahí.Usa: There is, There are, some y any. .HAZ UN VÍDEO (OR AUDIO) SOBRE LA IMAGEN. Además, puedes describir lo que llevan puesto.Ropa: deberías echarle un vistazo a tus notas o diccionario.

Use as many adjectives as you can. Don't forget to use linking words!

Hello, my friends. I am the Cheshire Cat and do I look wonderful? Don't I?

Do you think the Cheshire Cat is wonderful? It's time to describe it!Look at this picture and describe it. Use the adjectives and linking words.YOU CAN DO AN AUDIO or A WRITING. IT'S UP TO YOU!Vocabulary to use:CLICK HERE to see what words you have to use.Linking words to use: CLICK HERE to see what words you have to use.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------¿Crees que el gato de Cheshire es maravilloso? ¡Es hora de describirlo!Mira esta imagen y descríbela. Usa adjetivos y conectores.PUEDES HACER UN AUDIO O ESCRIBIR. ¡TU DECIDES!

I think you are not to humble for saying that. But, I think you are cute.

Do nice movements and sing well!

A very merry unbirthday!

To Who?

Hi, little ones!Today is our unbirthady party and we have to sing our part of the song!1 step: Listen to the song as many times as you need to get the rytmn and the pronuntation.2 step: Try and try to get a nice pronuntation.3 step: Record a video and please, dance and move your body. Be expresive!Thanks 4ºA --> CLICK HERE4ºB --> CLICK HERE___________________________________________________¡Hola, pequeños!¡Hoy es nuestro NOCUMPLEAÑOS y tenemos que cantar nuestra parte de la canción!Paso 1:escucha la canción tantas veces como sea necesario para obtener el ritmo y la pronunciación.Paso 2: intenta obtener una buena pronunciación.Paso 3: Graba un video y, por favor, baila y mueve tu cuerpo. ¡Sé expresivo!Gracias

Ah hyuck! Yes! Together, everything is possible. Let's get back to Twilight town

I think we finally did it!

Yes! Donald! With the power of our friendship we could do it!

It is! Let's figure it out what's going on!

Is that a new restaurant?

Hey! I have a new friend on the top of my head? What's up buddy?How can I help you with?

I need some ingredients.

Yes, sure! Just show me how.

My name is Remy. I need your hands to cook

I need you to cook some dishes for me!

Are you gonna make me cook?

Use the vocabulary of cooking while you are cooking!

It's easy. You just have to make a nice and a cold Gazpacho.Here is the list of your recipe and some vocabulary that you will need while you are cooking. - CLICK HERESend me a video making your gazpacho. Use the vocabulary. It will be yummy!PS: Use the vocabulary from the power point.PS2: You can make the gazpacho different from my recipe if you want._______________________________________________________________Es fácil. Solo tienes que hacer un buen y frío Gazpacho.Aquí está la lista de su receta y un vocabulario que necesitará mientras cocina. - HAGA CLIC AQUÍEnvíame un video haciendo tu gazpacho. Usa el vocabulario. ¡Estará delicioso!PD: Usa el vocabulario del power point.PS2: puedes hacer que el gazpacho sea diferente de mi receta si quieres.

We've made a nice Gazpacho Soup!The customers gave us presents.

Thank you, Sora! Come back any time you need! Bring some ingredients. Yummy!

Of course! But... What's that?.

Let's find new adventures! Donald, Goofy are you ready?



The are so powerful! We have to be ready and be together!

I cover your back, Sora!

A-hyuck they are terrifying!

Sora, you and your friends think you are too smart and brave for us... but I wanna play a little bit with you and destroy you!YOU WANNA PLAY?LET'S PLAY!

I think we defeated them easily! Good job guys!I need a break...I need a vacation, why don't we go to the caribbean sea?

Yes! I needed this! Fresh air... the beach... crystal sea.. LOVE IT!I will quest some adventures here!


It's jack!

He could tell us some adventures to do!

I need to find where David Jones' heart is...

Did you just say that you know where to find David Jone's heart?Ok draw the treasrue! Hurry up!You can use INKARNATE- CLICK HEREOr you can draw it by hand.USE VOCABULARY TO NAME ANY ELEMENTS IN YOUR MAP! I NEED TO FIND WHERE HIS HEART IS!CLICK HERE TO KNOW PIRATE'S VOCABULARYDON'T FORGET! NAME EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DRAW! BE SPECIFIC!____________________________________________________________________¿Acabas de decir que sabes dónde encontrar el corazón de David Jones?Ok dibuja el tesoro! ¡Darse prisa!Puede usar INKARNATE - HAGA CLIC AQUÍO puedes dibujarlo a mano.¡USA EL VOCABULARIO PARA NOMBRAR CUALQUIER ELEMENTO EN TU MAPA! ¡NECESITO ENCONTRAR DONDE ESTÁ SU CORAZÓN!HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA SABER EL VOCABULARIO DE PIRATA¡NO OLVIDES! ¡NOMBRA CADA COSA QUE DIBUJAS! ¡SE ESPECÍFICO!

I know where the treasure is! And How to find David Jones' Heart!It is at the Turtle Island!

You are gonna put us in danger, Sora

Hurry up, Sora! I found it!

Let's open it!

Carefully! Let's see what is in there...

Well, I found, well sorry.. WE FOUND David Jones' Heart and now I'm going to look after him and steal his ship 'The Flying Dutchman' in exchange for his heart.Maybe, the second time you come I will have 'The Flying Dutcham'.

Yeah! Maybe We will have others adventures and fight against others pirates! I'll see you around, Jack!Good luck!

You know, guys? There is one thing, I would love to do!It is face my fears, the monsters!

But Sora, monsters are nice and funny. There is no reason to fear them!

HAHAHA! Yeah! We will show you!

Hello, little one! My name is Sora, and they are Donald and Goofy.What's your name?Are you afraid of monsters like me?

My name is Boo! You are funny I'm not afraid of monsters. Monsters make me laugh

Yeah, monsters are nice like Bood said! I have to cheer her up again!

Hello Sora,My name is Sulley and monsters' mission is to make children laugh! So you did it very well with Boo

My name is Mike!Your mission is so simple, record a video telling us a funny joke.OPTION 1: You can find some jokes HERE, in this WEBSITE.OPTION 2: More short jokes, HEREMaking children happy is our goal!_______________________________________________________________¡Mi nombre es Mike!Tu misión es muy simple, graba un video contándonos una broma divertida.OPCIÓN 1: Puedes encontrar algunos chistes AQUÍ, en este SITIO WEB.OPCIÓN 2: Más chistes cortos, aquí.¡Hacer felices a los niños es nuestro objetivo!

Have fun and smile while you are telling us the joke!

I loved your jokes! Now I can sleep much better thanks to you

We are doing a great job! We are the best team ever! YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME!I want to play a little bit! Let's go and play with our favorites toys!

Hello Sora, Donald and Goofy,We miss playing with Andy. He is not here anymore, because he grew up and went to the university so we need to play with someone else

Hi guys...I am Mrs Nesbitt, sorry I meant Buzz Lightyear and we need you to play with your favorites toys.How?Just take two or more of your favorites ones and invent a role play.In the role play use these questions, but also you can use other things you want. BUT USE ALL THESE QUESTIONS- CLICK HERERecord a video and send it to your teacherHave fun with your toys!_______________________________________________________________Hola chicos ...Soy la Sra. Nesbitt, lo siento, quise decir Buzz Lightyear y necesitamos que juegues con tus juguetes favoritos.¿Cómo?Simplemente toma dos o más de sus favoritos y inventa un role play.En el role play, usa estas preguntas, pero también puedes usar otras cosas que quieras. PERO UTILIZA TODAS ESTAS PREGUNTAS.Graba un video y envíalo a tu profe :)¡Diviértete con tus juguetes!

Make a funny role play with your toys!You can have a look to this funny scene of toy story 1 - CLICK HERE

Calm down guys! I will play with all of you, later... But our friends needs to finish this part. You have to practice the song.


Yes we did! It feels so good having saved our friends!

Wow Sora! We did it! We have safed all our friends! Hercules, Jack Skellington, Simba, Chesire Cat, Alice, Remy, Jack Sparrow, Sulley, Mike, Boo, Woody and Buzz lightyear!

Ah-hyuck ! Absolutely!

Yes, Kairi! But, just in case, we have to keep our eyes open. Heartless are still there in this world and they could show up again.

We've liberated everyone from the heartless! We are such a great team!

Anything could it happend with our friends. This is a great moment, why don't you share a picture with us telling us your favorite moment with us?Send a picture to your teacher showing your favorite moment in KingdomHearts - Any mission :) Show us the scene of the Genially you most liked!__________________________________________________________Cualquier cosa podría pasar con nuestros amigos. Este es un gran momento, ¿por qué no compartes una foto con nosotros diciéndonos tu momento favorito con nosotros?Envíe una foto a tu maestro mostrando tu momento favorito en KingdomHearts - Cualquier misión :) ¡Muéstranos la escena de Genially que más te gustó!

Thank you so much for helping me in all these missions. You are my best friend :)

Show us your favorite moment! :)

Thank you for everything

See you around :)