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SECTION,FOR MORE INFORMATION,IES SANTA TERESA,Each didactic department involves its students in activities related to the preservation of nature, a taste for music, healthy habits, maths competitions or having a French pen pal.They also go to a musical, the theatre and exhibitions about different topics.These activities are learning experiences and they are all welcomed.,EXPERIENCES,COMPLEMENTARY AND OUT OF SCHOOL ACIVITIES,,HOW WE ARE , HOW WE LEARN,,,MOTIVATION,OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM, Distinguishing fetaure,Plans and Projects,The building,Personal resources,ABOUT US,Groups,Equality between men &women,PLANS AND PROJECTS,With this plan we try to promote in our students values such as solidarity,cooperation, skills for solving problems in a peaceful way.Some students are mediators in conflicts and some other help students with special needs.,School a place for Peace,We are really concerned about possible sexist attitudes aong our students, so we develop several activities each year to prevent this behaviour.,The goal is to develop an enterpreneur attitude simulating the creations of their own business.,PLANS AND PROJECTS,A project that focuses on developing reading habits and organising our library with the help of volunteer students. This year we start a literary get-toghether.,Innicia,School library,This is nowadays the biggest bet in our school, we truly believe in the importance of learning languages as a tool for the future and that is why we got involved in the Erasmus + project.,Bilinguism,Communicative skills,We help to acquire such skills by means of 2 interrelated projects: School Linguistic Projec and ComunicA,PLANS AND PROJECTS, iessantateresa.es,THE PROVINCE,LOCATION,THE SCHOOL,THE CITY,Jaén is in Andalusia, our city is well known by the production of olive oil and it has the greatest number of castles or fortresses in Europe. Our school is in the north part of the city.,Hiking in Cazorla.Going to the theatre.Exchange Program with France.Enjoying a musical.,MOTIVATION,,Inclusive breaks,Workshop by parents,Maths contest,Voluntary work,DREAM ,Believe,Effort,BILINGUISM,Support,L,A,Determination,O,G,MANAGEMENT TEAM AND BILINGUISM,Keep on growing