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Student Learning Development & Research SupportLibrary and Learning Resources,07,Use this to store and share files. Great for group work projects,A great way of taking notes for each lecture, online. Share with your classmates to collaborate.,Digital,There are lots of ways to increase your productivity whilst studying. We have the applications below ready for you to use as a Canterbury Christ Church University student.,Student Learning Development & Research Support provide a range of services to help you develop and enhance your academic abilities to achieve success whilst atUniversity, and beyond into employment.Learning Developers and Learning & Research Librarians offer workshops, individual academic tutorials and online resources. The team also contribute to your programme courses with a focus on academic skills and the development of your information literacy skills and digital capabilities.,Skills for Learning and Research,Thanks for your attention!,Reading,+ info,Student Learning Development & Research Support work together to offer a range of resources to support your independent development of academic skills.Click + info for more details.,05,+ info,Presentations,Academic Skills,+ info,Writing,06,https://www.citethemrightonline.com/Tutorial,Whilst studying at university students are expected to reference within their assignments.Many courses use Harvard referencing and CCCU students have access to Cite them Right for information on why and how to reference.Other referencing systems are used at CCCU, such as APA, so please check your programme handbook.,Referencing,All the tools you need to write an assignment or prepare a presentation.,Academic English,+ info,Who are we?,01,Who is this for?,Everyone!,Check out each of the links to the right for useful information on our services, which you can access online and in-person.,Browzine,Keep track of your favourite journal titles using the Browzine app,Find, access and track information using your digital library,Finding books, journals and other resources using LibrarySearch,Find out how to access resources from off-campus,Keep track of your references with reference management software,Off-campus,LibrarySearch,03,Reference Management,Click the info buttons for more details,Library and Learning Resources have lots of books, journals and databases to suit your needs.If you are unsure of what resources are most relevant for your area of study or find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of information you are finding, check out the subject guides curated by your Learning and Research Librarians. The guides are a signpost to the most useful aspects of the collection for each subject area.,INFO,INFO,INFO,INFO,The Student Learning Development and Research Support team have created this workshop as a directional tool for new and returning students.,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,Who is this for?,Subject guides,Finding information,Academic skills,Referencing,Digital support,Contacts,Feedback,Who are we?, https://tinyurl.com/ccculibguides,Cite ThemRight,+ info,Skills 4 Study,+ info,Sage ResearchMethods,+ info,Head in the right direction,INFO,INFO,INFO,08,Contacts,Click on your faculty below to meet your team,+ more info,The role of a Learning and Research Librarian,The role of a Learning Developer,Subject Guides,04,CITING GUIDES,We appreciate your feedback! Let us know your thoughts.,FEEDBACK FORM,02,Arts &Humanities,Social&Applied Sciences,Health& Wellbeing,Education