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Critical Focus Points for PBIS Teams

Regular Team Meetings

Expectations: Posted and plan in place to teach/reteach

Acknowledgement system for students and staff

Behavior flow chart in place

A PD plan in place to focus on managing behavior systems

An action plan is in place and regularly monitored

A system that uses data to make decisions

A system to share behavior data with staff

A dedicated, collaborative folder to keep information

A focus on improving climate and culture with students and staff

A Sample Meeting Agenda below:PBIS Team Agenda and MinutesTeam Name: Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Team Date: 1-25-19Submitted By: Paul Campion/Jackie BilottaMembers present: Mitchell, Campbell, Sheehan, Wolfe, Ms. Miriam, Campion, Bilotta, VillanuevaMembers missingandwhy: Agenda Items:Action(Next Steps)Minutes(What is Discussed)Person(s) ResponsiblePBIS New Posters and Lesson PlansContinue to put up posters.Ask Ms. Doyle for input on visual supports.Mr. Mike is putting up the new posters now. We are looking at adding visuals to support the information on the posters for primary grades, ESL and ECE. Ms. Carrie is working on it. Ms. Doyle will be consulted. There are 3 posters for each room.Mr. MikeTeachersMr. CampionClassroom and School ReferralsTalk to Kim about getting on the monthly faculty meeting agenda.What are we doing with this information? We need to look at the high flyers and see if there is a plan in place. Are the kids on the list the true high flyers (ask coaches). Should we reach out to the teachers who write the most referrals to see if they need support? Do we revisit what constitutes a referral/ behavior plans as a staff? Second discussion on how we communicate our data. Can we get on the monthly all faculty agenda? Could information be shared at team meetings?Mr. CampionAdamBus Data/ Bus Incentive BoardMs. Carrie made the board outside the bus circle entrance. How do we use it to track referrals and reward positive behavior? Ideas: buses receive a reward if they have been at 0 referrals and stay at 0 referrals or if they have a reduction from the previous month. Let’s reward bus drivers as well. Ideas include tickets for hat day, crazy hair day, pajama day, chips, popsicles. How do we manage? How do we roll out to students and drivers?Next Steps/To Dos:ExplanationDue DatePerson(s) ResponsibleBus Incentive BoardReward students for busses with 0 or a reduction in referrals?PBIS teamNext Up Agenda Items:ExplanationDate/When to DiscussPerson(s) Responsible

Sample PBIS Posted ExpectationsSample Expectations MatrixSample Lesson Plan for behavior