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Scratch,Programming, use of a teacher account,Helps young people think creatively, systematically draw conclusions and collaborate., It is available free of charge.,1,2,3, Scratch is a programming language that was created to teach programming.,,, Who uses Scratch?, It is used at home, in schools, museums, libraries and in various communities.,Is designed primarily for children ages 8 to 16, but is used by people of all ages.,How teachers use Scratch?, Scratch in Practice (SvP) shares ideas and materials prepared by the Scratch Team and Teachers from around the World.Each month, the SvP website introduces a new topic.,On the Teacher's Guide you can see how you organize and run classes and workshops where you use Scratch. Teachers have a ScratchEd website dedicated to sharing experiences, asking questions and finding collaborators., Materials for teachers, Scratch GuidesProgram Cards with step-by-step instructions showing how to complete different projects, Student materials,Teacher accounts in Scratch,- As a teacher, you can create a teacher account in Scratch.-This allows you to create accounts for a group of students.- You can follow and comment on student projects.,Web page of Scratch