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The School Library,The Heart of the School,THANK YOU,nancyjolambert.com,CONTACT,Nancy Jo Lambert (she/her) is a high school teacher librarian in Frisco Independent School District at Reedy High School. She is a presenter and speaker who advocates for libraries by telling the story of the learning happening in her library. She is a passionate educator and an avid learner and reader. Nancy Jo is also a Google Certified Trainer and a Learning Guide for friEDtechnology.,"I am passionate about the school library profession. Moving us forward. Making us better. Leading through service with vision, passion, determination, & humility.",NancyJoLambert,Teacher Librarian,PRIORITIZE COLLABORATION,Nancy Jo,Opened this campus in 2005 as a 7th Grade Integrated Language Arts Teacher. Taught for 5 years.,Griffin Middle School,Borchardt Elementary,Opened this campus as a teacher librarian in 2015. Our first graduating class was in 2018.,Started in 2011 as Teacher Librarian at K-5 campus for 3 years. Went from a fixed to a flex schedule.,Opened this campus in 2014 and was the teacher librarian here for 1 year before being asked to consider opening a high school.,Reedy High School,McSpedden Elementary,Frisco ISD,Gradutaed in 2010 with my MLS. Teacher Librarian at the Early Childhood School for 1 year.,Early Childhood School,Reedy library,reedylibrary,Pinterest,@ReedyLibrary,@reedylibrary,Instagram,Twitter,At Borchardt Elementary, I went from a fixed schedule for grades K-5 in a school of 800+ students to a flex schedule for grades2-5 and semi-flex for grades K-1.,Collaboration,Librarian & Teacher Team,"Collaboration is the act of co-laboring, working together and creating a consistent dialogue and being a collaborator in ever sense of the word.",@NancyJoLambert,in·te·gral/ˈin(t)əɡrəl,inˈteɡrəl/adjective1.necessary to make a whole complete; essential or fundamental."_____ is an integral part of the school's curriculum",Think about the box.,Who's designing the box? How does the box work?,Who's in the box? Who's outside the box?,Be integral to student achievement.,@NancyJoLambert,bit.ly/onlinestory19,.com,ReedyLibrary,"Tell your story. Your story is not databases or your catalog.”,ReedyLibrary.com actually has content from my 4 years at elementary, and the content since I have been at Reedy.Every single thing I do in the library is on my library website. Students, teachers, everyone knows that if they need information about the library, it's there.,How can you work within the box while blowing the box to pieces?,Meet Brad Lagrone...,@BLagrone,Team,In order to be integral to student achievement, you have to find your people and create a team.We work together every day to integrate technology in meaningful ways and provide the support that our teachers, staff, and students need.To prioritize collaboration, you have to have people who can collaborate with you in an environment where it's SAFE to learn and fail forward.,Find Your People,Clarity of PurposeAccountabilityStructureTrust,LibrarianDLC (Digital Learning Coach)Tech Specialist,WHO IS ON YOUR TEAM?,ViDEO,YouTube is an essential tool for collaboration and teachers and classrooms.,YouTube,YouTube Channel,READ MORE,bit.ly/tech19heart,bit.ly/tech19heart,bit.ly/tech19heart,bit.ly/tech19heart,bit.ly/tech19heart,bit.ly/tech19heart,bit.ly/tech19heart,bit.ly/tech19heart,bit.ly/tech19heart,bit.ly/tech19heart,bit.ly/tech19heart