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To dye for: Tips on Changing up your look

Should I get a perm?

Maybe I should chop it all off?

I want to go blonde!

Thinking about bangs?

"Everyone at Hagerty is pretty unique and accepting of each other and I think that makes me comfortable to do whatever I want with how I look. "

Celeste Dixon, Junior

The prospect of dying your hair can be exciting, but keep in mind that it is a careful process with a lot of steps depending on you hair and what you want. When thinking about your hair, be careful and make sure you know what you are doing.Make sure that your hair is clean, but do not wash it right before you decide to dye your hair. Hair should be healthy enough so it does not get too dry when bleached.Test out the color on a small section of your hair beforehand. Colors can look different depending on your hair color, textrue of your hair, and whether you have dyed your hair before or not.Follow the directions thoroughly if you decide to pick up a box of hair dye. The only time you should veer off is when dying your hair at the roots. Start a half inch away, not right at the roots, and come back to it later.Credits: Maureen Choi, Glamour 2019

Bangs can be tempting, but are also a big change that takes time to reverse. If you decide to commit to bangs, keep a couple tips in mind.Bangs require a lot of maintenance. They must be trimmed multiple times to keep them out of your eyes and faceConsult a hairdresser or a stylist. They will usually do a better job then if you were to cut it.Bangs get dirtier faster than the rest of your hair because they are on your face, so they need to be washed constantlyCredits: Laura Lynch, InStyle 2015

Long hair can be a hassle, or sometimes you get the urge to chop all your hair off. We've all been through that moment. When cutting lots of hair off, be careful, as hair does not grow back overnight.Know what your face shape is. Short hairstyles can look great on everyone, but even better when the hair suits the frame of your face.If you are going for a specific look, make sure to show pictures and go into detail when telling the hairdresser what you want. This will help you avoid a potentially disastrous misunderstanding.Credits: Stephanie Saltzman and Lauren Hubbard, Allure 2015

Perms are a major trend on social media, especially on the video platform TikTok. Perms are a serious hair treatment and should be thoroughly researched.Due to the amount of chemicals, hair should not be dry or damaged. If it is, wait until your hair is restored or try another style.With a perm, different products are required to keep your hair in the same style for as long as possible. This can be costly, so keep price in mind.As the name suggests, a perm is semi-permanent and can be difficult to reverse. Make sure this is what you want and only go through it if you are absolutely sure.Credits: Danielle Sandoval, Bustle 2016