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DONT FORGET TO STUDY TO IMPROVE YOUR 4 SKILLS..,There's no creativity without fun,No innovation without creativity,But no success without effort.Are you ready to do awesome things?,GRAMMAR CITY.,Grammar city ROCKS!!,About Us,Our Team,Are you ready to learn awesome things?,DAYS OF THE WEEK.,Year 4ºa, 4ºb, 4ºc.,MONTHS OF THE YEAR.,iT IS A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN BORROW SOME BOOKS .,IT IS A PERSON WHO....,REMEMBER!!!,IT IS A PERSON WHO HELPS YOU WHEN YOU ARE SICK.,iT IS A THING THAT YOU USE TO CUT THE BREAD AT LUNCH TIME.,iT IS A THING THAT.......,IT IS A PLACE WHERE...,WRITING DEFINITIONS.,Who broke the computer?,When are we having lunch?,1.When you went to the Faunia zoo. What did you see?,What is this?,How many people are there?,Why are you crying?,I saw a brave sealwith his nice meal.,How much is it?,Whose is this notebook?,Which one do you prefer?,2.When you went to the Faunia zoo. What did you see?,Where is the treasure?,I saw a giraffe with a beautiful scarf.,3,5,4,3,1,+ info,+ info,1,8At half-past two.,3It´s under the second tree.,2There are fifteen persons.,6 It´s Susana´s book.,+ info,5It´s twenty pounds.,4I prefer the bigger one.,5,4,5,2,4,+ info,5,3,1,1,1,2,2,5,8,2,4,5,1,1 This is a rocket.,6,3,2,4,4,3,4,4,2,1,3,5,1,9 It was me, I am sorry.,1,2,2,5,5,1,3,4,3,7 Because I have a terrible headache,3,7,2,3,4,2,5,9,IRREGULAR VERBS.,1.WAS,3. CAME,5. GOT,9. ATE,4. GO,IRREGULAR VERBS.,8. WROTE,1.IS,15. GIVE,18. SENT,6. HAD,10.DRANK,16. DO,18. SEND,8. WRITE,19. SPEAK,10.DRINK,16. DID,4. WENT,9. EAT,IRREGULAR VERBS.,20.COULD,13. LEAVE,15. GAVE,7. SAW,17. WON,5. GET,19. SPOKE,2.ARE,7. SEE,3. COME,12.LOSE,2.WERE,13. LEFT,IRREGULAR VERBS.,14. FOUND,17. WIN,12.LOST,6. HAVE,20.CAN,14. FIND,11.TOOK,11.TAKE,PRESENT,PAST,PRESENT,PAST,BEAUTIFULPEOPLE,INTERESTING,RELAXING,BRIGHT,BORING,LET´S LEARN TOGETHER.,FANTASTIC,HOT,IMPORTANT,LONG,BEAUTIFUL,COMPARING TWO THINGS. ADJECTIVES,FABULOUS,4. The Sun is brighter than the Moon.,6. Canada is colder than Spain.,3. A rubber band is more elastic than a stone.,SOFT,2. A dress is more fabulous than a white wall.,FAST,UNIT 5,ELASTIC,COLD,COMPARING TWO THINGS. ADJECTIVES,FAT,HIGH,THIN,INTELLIGENT