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"A book is a dream you hold in your hands"

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-Neil Gaiman

Click on the fairies to learn 4 things you can do to celebrate Literacy Day

Volunteer At A Library Consider volunteering at your local library. Some libraries even accept volunteers who are short on time and can only offer a few hours a week. Libraries often don't get the kind of support they need and volunteer help can make a big difference. You may be able to support reading programs for children and adults that are already in place or even start a program. Want to volunteer with a friend? Be like this dynamic duo bringing books just that much closer to library goers.

Collect Books For An NGO There are non-profit organizations that will happily take your old books and find them a home with those who don't have books of their own. You can donate your own books to local or international NGOs or even start a book drive where you encourage your friends, family and community to donate as well. Alternatively, consider asking schools if any of their teachers might be in need of books for a classroom library. Many teachers purchase a portion of their class materials with their own money and could use the help teaching children the importance and magic of reading early on.

Tutor An Adult The moment we learn to read and write changes everything; it opens new doors to opportunities and information, amplifying our voice and giving us access to endless knowledge about our health, culture and world. Today could be the day you commit to helping someone else learn to read and write. You may know someone who doesn't know how to read but would like to learn that you can reach out to. There may also be immigrants or refugees in your city or town that may need help learning what for them is a new language. Look up the contact information for a local organization that works with those groups and volunteer your time or other resources.

Write A Blog Post Have a readership? Writing about Literacy Day each September 8th can help draw attention to this important issue and encourage others to take actions like the ones we mention here. This year's theme is Literacy and Multilingualism. To learn more, check out what the UN has to say about it here.