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My name is Graciela and this is my family

Family Tree


This is me, I married T.He's my husband and I'm his wife.We are a family and we love nature.

This is me, Graciela

Hello, my name is Graciela.I'm an English teacher.I teach at several UniversitiesI love the English and Spanish languages.I prepare my lessons before I start class.I enjoy spending time with my students.I'm from Mexico, City.My birthday is on April 11th.My father's name is Elias.My mother's name is Berna.My husband's name is T.

T. is my husband.

He is T.He is my husband.He likes to do exercise.He is a programmer.He is a teacher too.

My pet's ideal friends.

This is a random picture, regardless I would like that my cat would be hanging around with friends like them. They are adorable.

Pet.A beautiful cat.

This is our pet.She is a cat.She is clever and smart.We decided to adopt her, we call her "Little girl."Little GirlHer name is Kittie. She is overweight as a result of her diet and lack of exercise.Her routine:She wakes up at 6:30 a.m.She eats her favourite food, and then she takes a nap.At 9:00 a.m. she grooms herself, then she goes outside to get fresh air in her favourite tree.Finally, at 12 o'clock, she meows at the door, because it's lunchtime. A delicious piece of tuna is waiting for her.

Your turn......What is the name of your ________(uncle)?What is the name of your _______?

How did your parents meet?

May I ask your name?What is your name?

Who are the members of your family living in your home?Which family members do you live with?

Do you have pets at home?Do you like to play with them?What do they eat?