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in Storytelling,visual COMMUNICATION,The importance of,Start,Ally is a recent college graduate.She was awarded a fellowship in a prestigious agency thanks to her stellar grades, positive attitude and many skills.She's excited by the new opportunity.,- Ally-,SHE ATTENDS MEETINGS WITH INTEREST.,She's full of ideas, but a combination of fear and difficulty expressing her ideas means that she doesn't always participate.,SHE'S BEEN AT THE AGENCY FOR MONTHS NOW, AND HER FELLOWSHIP IS COMING TO AN END.,Her professional future depends on her skills and initiative.,One day, a huge opportunity presents itself.A very important client who could greatly benefit the agency appears on the scene.,- A big opportunity -,- What should she do? -,Ally doesn't know what to do.She has great ideas but can'tseem to express them.,lt's nowor never!,While researching how to communicate her ideas, Ally discovers that 90% of the information our brains process is visual.,- IT'S A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY -,Her words transform into images that flow:icons, shapes...theycreate visual metaphors, reducing the amount of text to make room for visual communication.,- She grabs her notebook and begins to draw -,She'll get the client'sattention with Storytelling, weaving her ideas into a narrative.,Resources,- SHE NEEDS MORE -,Animation,Ni,Templates,Interactivity,Ally sees she's making progress but needs more support to craft her vision into a story.This is when she discovers Genially and all of its templates, where balance betweenvisual and verbal information is everything.lt's the perfect tool for making her pitch that much more effective.,LLy,Ge,A,+,Plus, she uses animation effects to prioritize and highlight important infomation,The template gives her ideas on how to break down informationinto layers,Now her idea will engage whoever sees her presentation as the viewer exploresit visually,Ally couldn't be happier!,- nothing works -,The agency can't seem to satisfy the client.,ln the next meeting, ideas quickly run dry.,l love your ideas!They're brilliant, just like your future with the company.,She gives her presentation full of visual communication andstorytelling,and the client is impressed.,- Ally knows it's her moment -,3,- Ally has learned a lot -,90% of the information we process is visual.Visual language is intuitive and easy to understand.,1,Visual metaphors cut down on text,heightening your audience's attention.,With Genially, visual communication reaches the next level, allowing you to create incredible communication experiences through the use of interactivity, storytelling and animation.,4,Animation gives added value to your content.lt doesn't just bring it to life but also helpsprioritize important information.,2,New workcontract