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Animal cell,ANIMAL VERSUS PLANT CELL,Plant cell,LIVING THINGS,5th Grade,2. The Cell,CHARACTERISTICS OF LIVING THINGS,LIVING THINGS CARRY OUT THE THREE VITAL FUNCTIONS,Can growAre made up of cellsHave an internal organizationAre classified into kingdoms,ALSO LIVING THINGS...,WHAT IS A CELL?,MULTICELLULAR ORGANISMS,Some living things are made up of several cells of different types; we callUnicellular Vs. Multicellular them multicellular. (Eg.: animals, plants, most of fungi…). In these living thing, cells are specialized in different functions.,THE CELL,UNICELLULAR ORGANISMS,Living things are made up of cells. A cell is the smallest living structure on Earth. Cells are living things because they carry out the three vital functions (nutrition, interaction and reproduction),Some living things are made up of just one cell; we call them unicellular (Eg.: some bacteria and algae). The organelles inside the cell are in charge of carrying out the three vital functions.,Irregular shapeMembrane (to protect the cell)Cytoplasm (which contains organelles)Several small vacuoles (to store water)Nucleus (to control the cell and store de genetic information).,INDEX,THE END,1. Characteristics of Living Things,3. Organization of Living Things,4. Classification of Living Things,INTERACTION,NUTRITION,REPRODUCTION,Regular shapeMembraneCytoplasm, which contains organellesJust one large vacuoleNucleusHard cell wall, to protect the cellChloroplasts, to carry out photosynthesis,Animal cell,ANIMAL VERSUS PLANT CELL,Plant cell,ORGANIZATION OF LIVING THINGS,An organism is made up of millions of cells, which organize themselves according to the function that they carry out inside an organism.,Living things can be classified into five kingdoms,CLASSIFICATION OF LIVING THINGS,5. Quiz