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To be placedPaperterrain 1- 10x10 next to winged huspasttimes 2- 10x10Stan Johansen 1- 10x10Winged Hussar 1- 10x10 next to papertrnDads Armies 1- 10x10Schiffer 2- 10x10Army Group Ctr 2-10x10 next to GGBaggage Train 1-corner 1-straight 10x10Age of Glory 1-corner 1-straight 10x10Oprhan Brigade 1- 10x10 straightFlag Dude 1- 10x10 straightMichigan Toy 609/619Griffons Lair 605/606Rockbottom 1 10x10 cornerSilver Eagle 3- 10x10 straight,Brigade Games,The WargamingCompany,The PhalanxConsortium,Badger Games,Belle & Blade,Your Hobby Place,Sherwood Wargames,i94 Enterprises,Cotton JimFlags,Old Glory,Battlefront,Windsword,DaytonPainting Consortium,Eureka Miniatures*,Sash & Saber,Things fromthe Basement,Relic Golden Amusement,C&B Minis