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Progressive Relaxation

Can you guess which steps you have to follow?


1. What is the first step in progressive relaxation?

Sit in a comfortable position

Close your eyes

Take a deep breath

2. Can you remember step 2 of progressive relaxation?

Laying back

Closing your eyes

Taking your shoes off

3. And what about step 3?

Relax your muscles, beggining from the feet and upwardsRelax your muscles, beggining from the feet and upwards

Take a nap

Empty your mind

4. Nearly there! Now, can you remember step 4?

Give yourself a massage in the temples.

Think about all the things you have to do this evening.

Breathe through your nose and say "one" to yourself when exhaling.

5. You are almost a master of progressive relaxation. What is the final step??

Lay down and ponder about the universe.

Get up immediately, it will energize you!

Sit in a relaxed position for a few minutes, eyes closed, and wait a bit.

6. And finally, the most crucial question... Is it OK not to achieve a sense of relaxation

NO! This method works every time!

Yes, it takes practice.

Dunno. Does it even matter?



Progressive Relaxation

you have now learnt

Use it wisely!