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Summer is in full swing, the sun is beaming and there is nothing better than spending time with your pets! But you've got to keep them happy and safe in this heat, so check our top five summer essentials for you and your pets!


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#5 - Cooling Wash and Gel!

#4 - Billy and Margot Doggy Ice Cream!

#3 - NEW Summer Clothing!

#2 - All for Paws Chill Out Dog Toys!

#1 - Flies be gone!

There's nothing better on a hot day than a nice cool shower, and the same applies to your horse! A good wash with the NAF Cooling wash can cool your horse down and bring them cold relief this hot summer. Alternatively, rub some NAF Ice Cool Gel on their legs to really give them some quick relief, especially after exercise.

On a beautiful day what's better to cool down with that a delicious frozen treat like Ice Cream! Well now your dogs dont have to miss out as we stock special Poochy Ice Cream from Billy and Margot in three different scrumptious flavours: Honey & Banana, Strawberry & Apple and Apple, Banana & Carrot! Head to PetnPony to get your tub!

Dogs love to play outside and thats not going to change even when its hot, but its hard to make sure they stay hydrated and don't overheat when they play. The All for Paws range is perfect for this as it keeps your dog cool and hydrated whilst still letting them have the fun they deserve!

Flies are possibly the bane of everyone's summer, and nothing's worse than a great ride being ruined by buzzing insects, or your horse is bitten by pesky flies. Thats why one of the most essential things for a rider in summer are fly repellents, fly rugs and fly masks. Whichever you prefer, or all three, make sure you check out our collection of anti-fly gar and keep your horse happy.

If you're in need of some new summer ridng wear, check out our range of awesome sumer wear including the Ariat Tri Factor 1/4 Top with Icefil technology to keep you cool while you ride! Check out our full range for the best of this wears SS19 styles and brighten up your summer wardrobe!

Check out the full collection!

Check out the full collection!

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