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Choosing the Type of FuneralA green eco-friendly funeral is an ideal choice for those who cared about the environment and wanted to protect the planet.Choose between agreenburial or an eco-friendly cremation.Green BurialGreen burials take place in natural burial sites using sustainable materials for the coffin or shroud such as sustainable timber, wicker, jute, cardboard, bananaleaf, bamboo and wool. Any material is permissible as long as it is from an eco-friendly and sustainable source.Eco-friendly CremationInnovations in crematoriums have drastically reduced carbon emissions, making the overall process much more eco-friendly.A biodegradable urn can be used for green cremations. Once the urn is buried, a tree begins to grow, the urn then decomposes, and eventually, the entire structure becomes part of the sub-soil and fertiliser for the tree.Other eco-friendly options for cremation ashes are to scatter them, build a reef, bury or store them.

Arranging a Green FuneralThe general ethos of a green funeral is to minimise the environmental impact wherever possible.Things to consider when arranging an eco-friendly green funeral:Choose between burial or cremation. Burials are generally a greener alternative to cremation.Choosing a coffin or urn. Woodland, burial uses a biodegradable coffin. This is typically cardboard, willow, rattan or bamboo. Cardboard coffins are made from recycled paper and come in a range of colours and designs. They can also be personalised by the family, with photos and artwork. For cremation ashes, there are various options between bio-urns or converting ashes into sustainable and bio-degradable items.Decide where you would like your loved one to rest.Choose refrigeration over embalming. Refrigeration is a greener alternative to embalming as embalming fluid is usually made from formaldehyde, which can leak into the ground.Choose the place of burial, a beautiful woodland setting is perfect burial option. Cremation options are bio-urns that degrade seeding and fertilising a tree.Inviting family & friends send invites by email minimising the use of paper.Flower arrangements. An eco alternative is to ask for an 'in lieu of flowers' option at your funeral, with donations going to an eco-minded charity of your choice. You may wish to ask friends and family to a plant tree as an alternative.Arranging the transport, encourage guests to car share to reduce their carbon footprint.Choosing music, hymns, readings and poetryWriting a EulogyArranging the wake or reception, use locally sourced food and drink, also meat-free or vegan options can be considered.Any other arrangements you may want e.g. a memory tree, memory stones, memorial candles, plantable seed cards etc.

The Day of the FuneralThe day of the funeral generally proceeds as follows:Preparing your loved one -Your loved one is prepared as per your wishes.Transporting your loved one -Your loved one will be transported in the vehicle of your choice to the place of the service along with any flowers or pictures.Transport of family -Family, friends and relatives may be transported to the ceremony in our limousines and hearses or other vehicles you may have chosen.The service -Our staff will co-ordinate the service with the religious minister, humanist celebrant, friend or relative that is conducting the service.Readings -You may wish to have prayers, hymns, readings and poems read.Funeral music -You may choose to have poignant music played.The committal -The committal may take place at the same place as the service or another location. If a different location is chosen we will transport your loved one and chosen family members there.Cremation burial -During a cremation committal, there may be a closing of curtains, or the coffin may be gently lowered from the catafalque and moved into a committal room so it is ready for cremation. Burial committal -At a burial, the committal service typically takes place at the graveside of your loved one and may include prayers and readings. When you are ready to say goodbye to the deceased, the coffin or casket is lowered into the ground. You may scatter soil onto the coffin or throw flowers into the grave as it is lowered.The wake or funeral reception -You may wish to hold a wake or funeral reception after the funeral service.We are here to help, call 0161 370 2129 and speak to one of our care team.

Choosing the Location of BurialNatural Burial SitesThere are many beautiful natural burial sites in the UK to choose from. Natural woodlands promote and provide a home for flora and fauna. Some sites may have restrictions to protect the natural surroundings, some sites do not allow markers on the grave.Cremation OptionsCremation ashes can be placed in a biodegradable urn such as a bio-urn to seed and fertilise a tree once buried. Other options include storing or burying, make a reef ball from the ashes which are then used to help sustain endangered coral reefs.If you wish to scatter the funeral ashes the Environment Agency has produced the following guidance:Don’t do it in rivers, near places where people bathe or fishDo it less than a kilometre upstream of where water is taken for drinkingLeave plastic wreaths they may end up in the waterDo it anywhere with a fragile ecosystem eg mountain tops