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Sustainable Development Goals

  • Abi Kane (Kirklandneuk Primary School)

  • Bellahouston Academy

  • Bargarran Primary School

  • Blairhall Primary School

  • Callander Primary School

  • Bun-sgoil Ghaidhlig Phort Righ

  • Hillend Children's Centre

  • Caskieberran Primary School

  • Kelty Primary School

  • Kilpatrick School

  • Kinlochleven High School

  • Ladybank Primary School

  • Masterton Primary School

  • Mary Russell School

  • Notre Dame Primary School

  • Ndirande CDSS

  • Pirie Park Primary School

  • Plockton Primary School & Plockton High School

  • St Albert's Primary School

  • St Joseph's Primary School

  • St Mary's Primary School

  • St Michael’s Primary School

  • St John's Primary School

  • Logierait Primary School

  • Lornshill Academy

  • Tulliallan Primary School

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  • Dairsie Primary School

  • Inverness High School

  • Beath High School

  • Busby Primary School

  • Fordbank Primary School

  • Logie Primary School

  • West Calder High School

  • Whitfield Primary School

  • Muirtown Primary School

  • Namalimwe School

  • Carmunnock Primary School

  • Abercorn Secondary School

Welcome to our first fully interactive online showcase, we hope you enjoy reading more about all the hard work social entrepreneurs in schools all across Scotland have been taking part in to help make the world a better place. The young people involved have been contributing towards the sustainable development goals, building their own skills and confidence, and demonstrating what a positive asset they are to their communities. We are very proud of all they have achieved and can’t wait to hear more as they develop their social enterprises.



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There are even inspiring young people around the world as Social Enterprise Schools grows in Australia, Malawi and London as you will see from the case studies from further afield! The Social Enterprise Academy would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this showcase and everyone who supports these young people and their social enterprises. Your stories inspire us every day and it’s amazing to see them all here in the Showcase – well done and keep on creating the positive change you want to see in the world!

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Emily Mnyayi

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owcase Content

How are schools using Social Enterprise to contribute towards thE Sustainable development goals?

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Explore how schools across the world are creating ripples of positive change!

Mary Russell School

Russell Record & Breakfast Club

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Aims: The Russell Record began as a lunch time club to encourage better reading & writing and for pupils to write about their own interests as well as ‘real news’.

What is it: The magazines are sold for 50p and profits are spent on the Breakfast Club. Due to poverty, time and other factors, many pupils miss out on their most important meal of the day. The Breakfast Club offers free breakfasts to all students so everyone has fair learning opportunities.

Impact: 63% of pupils stated that the Breakfast Club gave them a better start to their day with 67% said it helped them focus better in class.

Logie Primary School

Cup of Joy Café

"Our hens are called; Doris the Duck, Polly the Pecker, Florence the Fluffy and Hermione the Headshaker.” Esther & Phoebe

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Aims: To create a community cafe that would offer a great local meeting point and support affordability of extra-curricular activities

What: Our pupil-run Cup of Joy Café offers home-baked goodies made using produce harvested from our school garden, including eggs from our hens. Our Social Enterprise was short-listed for the BBC Food & Farming Community Cook of the Year Award!

What have students learned? Through the community café, pupils are learning about food, running a successful business, developing social skills and are benefitting from time outdoors.

"We're a small school and we didn't want to leave some of our friends behind when we went on school trips. Money raised pays for their friends to go on trips as well." Teacher at Logie Primary School

Happy 91 Years Young!!

Carpet Bowls: Kids vs Pensioners

Getting to know each other

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St Joseph's Primary School - Chunky Monkey

Aims: After hearing a campaign on the radio which was trying to tackle loneliness, we knew we wanted to help.

We decided to engage with elderly people at Oran Street Day Care Centre through reviving some forgotten crafts.
What is it: Our teacher taught us how to sew and knit. We made sock monkeys from old, clean socks and a range of hand knitted products. Our goal was to ask the elderly people to help us develop these skills and in turn we would teach them some new craft ideas. We then explored different ways to make money. We produced Christmas calendars and DVDs of our schools show. The profits were used to buy materials for activities at the care centre.

Impact: Working with our new ‘Pensioner Pals’ has been an amazing experience and we have all learned so much about ourselves as well as each other and we will continue to build on our new relationships. Whilst learning new skills, students have made friendships with the elderly people at the care centre. Chunky Monkey improves health and well-being for everyone involved in the Social Enterprise.

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Kilpatrick School

The Kilpatrick Shop

Aims: To work together with Awamu to support improved health, education and enterprise in the slums of Kampala. Awamu works with determined women who take in orphaned children and care for them. Making sure the children have a home, get to eat healthy food and go to school.

What is it: When we make craft items to sell in The Kilpatrick Shop, we send a child to school. We measure our work in weeks of school paid for. £5 is a week of school for one child. This year our aim is to support the UN Goal Quality Education. We are paying school fees for two children, Margaret and Wilson, who have started school for the first time.

4 children have started school

in Kampala, Uganda

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West Calder High School

Aims: West Calder pupils run two social enterprises both deal with helping vulnerable groups of people in society.

What is it: One group are selling wristbands to raise awareness and offer some clarity around mental health and the second group 'Box of Joy' create boxes of toiletry/ feminine hygiene products to address period poverty amongst homeless women.

Impact: The social enterprise contributes to gender equality as homeless women don't have the additional expenditure of buying sanitary products without which could lead to ill health

Abercorn Secondary School

Aims: To encourage staff and pupils to drink more water and used less bottled water and to support the various projects that Wateraid are involved in around the world.

What is it: Pupils use their artistic skills to design bright, eye catching, reusable water bottles. The bottles are then sold throughout the school community.

Impact: As well as encouraging our school community to drink more water and produce less waste by using reusable bottles, we are supporting WaterAid and the various projects they run across the world to ensure all people have clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Through Social Enterprise the young people at Abercorn are also having the opportunity to develop, and practice, skills for learning, life and work.

"Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all"

Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations

We want to donate our profits to Wateraid to help people to have clean and safe water." Pupil

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Kelty Primary School

Kelty Cares:
Walking Wednesday

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Aims: Pupils come to school immersed in gaming and social media. Kelty Cares aims to highlight how powerful it is to talk in general; about your day, learning, feelings, successes or worries.

What: Each Wednesday at lunchtime pupils walk and talk around the local community. The suggested donation is 20p per walk and money raised is donated to Autism Awareness and The Brain Tumour Charity.

How does Kelty Cares contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? The social enterprise promotes walking as a means of positive health and wellbeing. Pupils are aware of the safe walking routes around school.

"Since the social enterprise has started, there's been way less playground issues with bullying" Pupil

Ndirande Community Day Secondary School

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Aims: The pupils aimed to reduce poverty, pay school fees and provide school materials whilst growing a sustainable business within their community.

What is it: Pupils make and sell sausages and second hand clothing. Pupils sell their products door to door and at local markets.

Impact: Their profits support their local community, their school resources and their business. Through Social Enterprise, there has been an increase in self-esteem and pupils feel confident starting and managing business, skills that will support life after school.

Pirie Park Primary - Koding Kids

Aims: To train adults and older people to be more capable using ICT, particularly computer programming to improve their employability options in an age of automation. We also wanted to connect the elderly to family and friends by training them how to use social media.

What: We design and programme computer games and sell tickets for £1.50 to our arcades. The profits are used to educate parents and the local community about programming and technology.
Impact: Using technology and innovation has helped parents become more competitive in the job market. Elderly people can also communicate more confidently.

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Bellahouston Academy

Blazin Squad

“Uniform policies can be strict. 'The Blazing Squad' lets everyone access every part of their education.” George, S4

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Aims: Blazin Squad aims to support inclusion within their school.

The need: Pupils struggled to afford a new blazer when they outgrew their old one (some pupils wore torn or outgrown blazers).
Pupils coming new into the country needed a blazer to make them feel part of the school.

What is it: Students reduce inequalities by taking preloved blazers and making them available for other pupils to use. Everyone has a chance of a blazer and the service in confidential.

95 blazers donated to families

that can't afford school uniforms

Hillend Children's Centre

Aims: To encourage healthy eating and support parents with using initiatives like 'Setting the table’ and 'Eat well to play well'.

What: After growing their own rhubarb and herbs, the pupils created a song about soup. This inspired them to create soup bags that they could sell to parents.
How do the soup bags contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals?
The social enterprise's social purpose is to improve community relationships by sourcing local produce and developing links with a local project; the Bellville Project who grow their own produce.

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Carmunnock Primary School

School Meal App

Aims: We wanted to reduce the amount of food waste produced by our school, by doing this we will also reduce the amount of harmful methane and carbon dioxide emissions going into the environment. Each year our school produces approximately 1440 bin bags of food waste, which means that we waste 6 bin bags of food a day and we’re just a small school!

What: To stop this we have come up with an idea of a school meal app so pupils can choose what they would like for lunch in advance and the catering staff can then plan better to ensure that there is less waste.

Impact: As we will be charging a small fee to use the app we will raise money to repay our start-up cost and then for school funds. This is a sustainable business with a long term plan. This planning process has impacted positively on the group, developing our understanding of economics, profit and loss. This gives us an opportunity to develop skills for life, learning and work, operating in a real life context.

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"We are a small school who care about the environment’’

Caskieberran Primary School

Caskie Clothing Swap Shop

Aims: Our aim is to provide good quality, affordable second hand clothing to our school community. We are also keen to raise awareness of recycling and reusing and how this can have a positive environmental impact.

What: Our ‘Caskie Clothing Swap Shop’ is set up a minimum of once a month at whole school events such as open sports day / school shows / family learning assemblies. However, it will also remain permanently set up in room 4 to meet needs should people choose to ‘pop in’ to browse and buy. All items for sale are donated. We also collected some coat hangers from stores looking to recycle them which fits in nicely with our environmental goals. We shall make a profit by encouraging donations of good quality clothing. We shall then sell this clothing for a small donation. We will use the money raised to reinvest in our school community.

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"I am enjoying learning skills that will help me in my job when I’m older." Pupil

"I like the fact that we are also helping the environment." Pupils

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Whitfield Primary School

Whitty Workers

Aims: Whitty Workers began because students wanted to make a real difference to the lives of people in need.

What is it: A carwash and cafe runs one morning a week. Baristas-in-training serve up coffee and snacks whilst other students give customers cars a professional clean.

Impact: It has been running since 2016. During this time, they have made a great amount of money. Pupils work in groups to present causes they care about, then vote on each cause. Aussie Marine Conservation Society was one of the most popular and received donations from Whitty Workers.

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Logierait Primary

The Butterfly Project

Aims: Logierait Primary is in the ideal geographical location to protect butterflies from being parasitized. The Butterfly Project creates an exciting opportunity for students to connect with their local community whilst positively supporting life on land.

What is it: Pupils create and sell breeding packs for £80. Together with local care homes, siblings and class mates, they release butterflies into the wild.

We set up a butterfly breeding programme.

We sell breeding kits for pupils to breed their own butterflies from pupae and release them into the local bio-diversity.
We are trying to keep up stocks of butterflies that have been dwindling. Our pack includes the cages, a YouTube instruction video and live stock, all for £80." Pupil

I really like learning about Maths, Science and Butterflies." Pupil

How Could your school use Social Enterprise to contribute towards this Sustainable Development Goal?

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Learn more about peace, justice and strong institutions

St Albert's Primary School

Social Enterprise has become a massive part of school life at St Albert's, creating resilience, courage and the desire to make change amongst it's students. Inspirational social enterprises and impact created by students include:

"Social enterprise has made me develop a conscience and want to make a difference" Pupil

  • Homework clubs in English as many pupils don't speak English when they're at home.
  • Cafe Connect; a pupil run cafe to help parents make friends within their communities. Profits were used to support Syrian dads to learn English.
  • Arts project; students collaborated with the MILK cafe to learn art skills from female refugees. Profits from artwork sold were invested into a new oven for MILK cafe.
  • Stories for Syria; students decided to write stories and make them into a book. They want the money to go towards supporting Syrian Refugees settling in Glasgow.

Social enterprise should not simply be a project, because it's connected with fundamental principles of justice and creating concious-led communities."

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Aims: To support children in primary school by reaching out to those that have experienced similar challenges to her.

What: Abi identified an opportunity for providing soft toys for others to share their worries with as they are non judgemental but the person feels better for off loading their personal problems.

AIms: We chose to set up a Social Enterprise to strengthen our links with the local community.

What: At our Community Cafe members of our local community such as parents, residents from local care homes, local childminders etc. share in a hot drink and some home baking. At each Cafe we took donations that funded future Cafe projects.
Impact: Pupils developed skills in planning, anticipating required resources and any potential issues faced. Teamwork was a key skill as we worked together to help run the Cafe and make it a success. We learned about social interactions, allowing us to achieve our aim of making guests feel happy and included.

Abi Kane (Kirklandneuk Primary School) Abi's Gifts

Bargarran Primary School

Community Cafe

"If you are full of anxiety or feeling overwhelmed by things that are happening in school, then you won't be in a place to learn anything" Abi

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Beath High School

BEEP (Beath Entrepreneurial Enterprise Partnership)

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into new products

30+ wooden pallets upcycled

Aims: We aim to design and make high quality, high quantity and low cost products using recycled materials that can be sold a various school and local events.

What is it: We use our woodworking skills to turn old wooden pallets into new products, such as wine glass holders and wine bottle balancers. We choose as a team to donate the vast majority of any profits made to local charities. These charities are chosen by the BEEP Team and donations are made throughout the year. A percentage of profits are also reinvested into the social enterprise to ensure that it is sustainable for years to come.

"We have made countless memories, had many laughs and been to so many places outside of school." Pupil

"Being part of something driven by charity rather than financial profit has helped us realise that there is much more to running a business than just making money." Pupil

AIms: To support refugees in Greece through local charity Sleatfugees.

What: From running clothing donation days to raising money producing and selling eco food wraps, pupils are making a difference to peoples’ lives across the globe, whilst educating their local community and raising awareness of the issues refugees face.

Aims: Pupils identified the growth in local housing but lack of meeting places. This inspired them to make a difference through providing a central place in their community; Blairhall Bakes.

What: Students have exiciting ideas to collaborate with their library so they can offer customers a book with their tea and tasty snack!
Impact: Whilst fostering a sense of belonging in the local community, students are using their entreprenurial mind-set to share their Social Enterprise knowledge with other local schools. They're spreading ripples of positive change further than their school and community.

Blairhall Primary School

Blairhall Bakes

Bun-sgoil Ghàidhlig Phort Righ

Na Fogarraich

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to refugees in Greece.

87 boxes of clothing donated

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Aims: The social issue pupils wanted to help is social isolation and loneliness in elderly.

What: They planned monthly events that would give elderly people something to look forward to and enjoy company whilst participating in fun challenges. Their intergenerational quiz was a huge success!
Impact: Whilst developing their skillset and creating community relationships, the social enterprise set up by young people is tackling loneliness, one event at a time!

Aims: After growing concerns of anxiety at school, pupils wanted to improve mental well-being.

What: Pupils started learning techniques and activities associated with mindfulness. They used profits from their bake-sale and ran a pupil lunch time resilience club.
Impact: Pupils learned that together they can make a difference!

Busby Primary School

Fordbank Primary School

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92 young leaders

Callander Primary

Save the Bees

Aims: Developing children's understanding of the world they live in and encouraging the children to work collaboratively to create ideas that can support others and the environment.

What: Primary 7's wanted to develop people's understanding and awareness of protecting the environment with a specific focus on raising awareness of the importance of bees and their contribution to our ecosystem. After creating social enterprise ideas, pupils voted for their favourite. They will work alongside Callander Youth project to develop a bee friendly garden within the grounds of Callander Youth Project.

Impact: Their hard work is helping our important bee population! Outdoor learning means the students involved have created strong links with their surrounding community and environment.

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"I enjoyed having the opportunity to communicate and raise awareness of the importance of bees and pollinators to a wider audience." Pupil

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Dairsie Primary School

A Belther, a Brew &
a Bonnie Wee View

Aims: After helping an elderly man with dementia, students had a session with a paramedic to learn more. They decided that they wanted to do something to help people with dementia.

What is it: The pupils developed land into a community garden. After sharing their spare vegetables with vulnerable resisdents of the village, they realised the importance of company and chatting. Combining these ideas, the students created their wonderful, welcoming community café, a space for conversations and homemade food using some of their homegrown produce. Their social enterprise tackles the social issue of chronic loneliness.

Impact: Students have brought their community together, learnt ways to comfort people suffering from dementia and gained skills for after school. These skills include creating C.V.s’, interview skills, travelling by train, writing formal letters, contacting businesses, applying for grants, advertising, collecting market research and engineering (check out their concrete planters!).

“While I was helping out at the café, I learned how to work as a team with people younger and older than me,” Rebecca, P4

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Inverness High School

Wild Style

Aims: Pupils have been creating and selling a range of natural products - freshly pressed apple juice, seed bombs, wine-bottle bird feeders, clay tiles and plum jam - to raise funds towards their bee friendly aims.

What is it: Pupils have been developing social enterprises that fund their bee friendly aims. Creating and selling their healthy products including apple juice, seed bombs, bird feeders and jam has supported the planting of wild flowers and creation of ponds.

Impact: Whilst helping wildlife, pupils have also developed a multitude of skills on the farm, including; teamwork, planning, innovation, product development, marketing and handling money.



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AIms: To remove barriers of participation such as poverty, rural isolation, mental health and budgets.

What: From Nailed, a mobile nail bar to Pure, a healthy snack bar, the students at Kinlochleven High School are creating opportunities to participate in enhancing activities that promote positive wellbeing and social inclusion. CRe8 is their arts and crafts social enterprise that encourages creative experimentation. They're also selling their own story book - The Adventures of Hamish, The Wee Sleekit Mouse! Their profits support extra curricular activities.

Aims: A child at Ladybank Primary School is affected by Neurofibromatosis and the charity that supports her and her family do amazing work. Students decided to create a social enterprise that would help the charity.

What: They create and sell "Happy bags" to children and adults that will put smiles on their faces. There were lots of smiles!
Impact: Pupils learnt the importance of team work, listening to one another and the challenges of running a successful business.

Ladybank Primary School

Pretty Basic

Kinlochleven High School


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Lornshill Academy

The Citizenship Cafe

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Aims: In response to recent news highlighting a lack of transferrable skills developed in young people, Lornshill Academy decided to create a social enterprise that would offer students real life learning. The Citizenship Cafe gives young people the opportunity to be treated like young adults whilst supporting local charities, creating bonds with local businesses and working with their Eco-Schools group to make planet friendly decisions.

What is it: Students partnered with a nearby hotel to improve their barista skills. The cafe is run five days per week and a percentage of profits go to Strathcarron Hospice. Students have even created connections with other schools in the local authority, further preparing them for life outside of school.

Impact: The baristas have become young change makers; positively shaping their future by developing social skills and employability skills, all whilst creating a greater community.

"The opportunity to provide drinks for our teachers and friends was a real learning curve, there was a lot of responsibility" - Chloe, Pupil

"I would never have had the confidence to stand up and speak to a group if it wasn't for my work in the cafe" - Kyle, Pupil

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Masterton Primary School


Aims: Pupils had already established a sewing group. After discovering the charity Linus, who offer comfort to sick and traumatised babies, children and teenagers through the provision of new home made patchwork quilts and knitted blankets, they were inspired to get involved. This was the start of Quiltmania!

What is it: Quiltmania uses surplus textiles and their sewing skills to make cosy quilts for Linus. When donated textiles run out, pupils use their creativity to make and sell gifts. Profits are put back into quilt making.

Impact: Pupils learned that they can help others without having to spend a lot. They also learned that they can recycle items for profit and use that profit to benefit a worthy cause. On top of this, they developed their super sewing skills!

"I feel happy that I can help people

by sewing on tiny, little square." Pupil

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Aims: Soaptopia was created to enhance learning and form links within the community.

What: Pupils learnt how to make soap. They collaborated with local fishers and used their leftover shells to make soap dishes.
Impact: Soaptopia used their profits to contribute to an outside bench at Mapple Ridge Care Home. Pupils learned about different roles within the business. They've gained fantastic sales skills and product knowledge and increased their confidence.

AIms: "We wanted to support charities that have a connection to our school but support our school at the same time" (Matilda P6)

What: Students identified an opportuntiy in their school to run a healthy tuck-shop during Friday's Golden Hour.
Impact: Students have made a lot of money, meaning they can support the charities that matter to them and invest their profits in school trips.

Muirtown Primary School


Notre Dame Primary School

Snack Station

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Pupils made £170 in 4 weeks.

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Namwax Group

Aims: Pupils aim to improve people lives by assisting people affected by flooding and change the way of living within their community by paying school fees for young people.

What is it: Pupils make and sell affordable peanut butter. People travel to buy peanut butter so the young change makers know there is the demand for their homemade product to be a success! 43 pupils are part of the business and their ages are 14-20.

Impact: Being a part of Namwax Group pupils will gain business skills including; food manufacture, packaging and advertising as well as improving way of living and education opportunities for people in their community.

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"People travel a long way for peanut butter.

The business has a high demand" Pupil

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Plockton Primary School & Plockton High School


Aims: To use Gàidhlig language skills in a new and exciting way whilst supporting Highland Hospice.

What is it: Pupils in the Plockton Gaelic unit sell unique Gaelic merchandise, including Harris Tweed clocks, carved ornaments and candles. They sell their products at Christmas markets, on Facebook and local shops. Their crafty creations have made it across the country with sales as far as Falkirk!

Impact: The group gained many valuable skills as well as developing their language. It has greatly enhanced employability skills and pupils gained confidence in handling money, keeping accounts and working with others.

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AIms: To promote healthy eating amongst our pupils and staff, whilst learning about what's needed to set up a successful business.

What: Pupils created a healthy and delicious school tuck shop and donated some of the money raised to a local charity “Jayden’s Rainbow”, which aims to fit defibrillators in public places and facilities. They've also set up a link with our local care home, and have used our earnings to buy resources and materials which will support friendships as part of an intergenerational project.
Impact: The pupils learned about profit and loss, how to develop skills in advertising, marketing and selling.

Aims: We were inspired to support the elderly in our community because our research showed that loneliness was a key inhibitor for good mental health in the elderly.

What: By providing a variety of learning activities; digital technology, sharing baking recipes, and learning about history; pupils developed meaningful relationships with elderly people.
Impact: Pupils learnt the importance of team work, listening to one another and the challenges of running a successful business.

St Mary's Primary School

'Sweets, treats and a chance to meet' and 'Laugh, Love and Learn'

St Michael’s Primary School

Yummy Yogurts

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Aims: Pupils wanted to create a social enterprise that would benefit their local community.

What: The cafe creates a safe place for people who have English as an additional language. It also provides nail services for customers to treat themselves.

AIms: To provide funding for our school clubs and to encourage more parental involvement in school.

What: Each class takes a turn to bake a tasty treat and host a cafe for parents. Many of the ingredients are fresh from their school allotment. Parental engagement has increased.
Impact: We learned to develop resilience, financial and budgeting skills, cooking, baking, marketing, customer service, working in partnerships, working together and ICT.

St. John's Primary Barrhead

Cafe Kids & Glam Gang

Tulliallan Primary School

Tulliallan's Tasty Treats

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15 events so far and over £600 raised.

Café Kids gives us experience of different jobs for when we are older. Like running a business, cooking, cleaning, handling money and serving customers.” – David M

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