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Sales Proposal


Sales Proposal


Owners of a technological platform with capacity for simultaneous transmission ,Objectives,Objectives,1,Index,Periods of 10 seconds duration. Interactive button with link to the advertiser's website. ,Investment,We operate our own television content production company, as well as for the website. ,02,Aware of the importance of communications in social networks and the Internet we acquire a server (Host) ,ASTL TV,2019,Success factors,01,Success factors,05,Technology,Internautas,3,2,More than 16 years of experience in institutional audiovisual production ,Mission,Worldwide dissemination ,Top banner of 468 x 60 pixels: $ 5,000.00 * quarterly ,The habitual users of Internet are navigators, therefore, they are investigators, they look for, they are very visual; on average, they stay in a site for 11 to 20 minutes and the average connection is 3 hours and 32 minutes, so the content of the programs or events should be very interesting and brief. ,Administration panel, up to 4 sections to design, form in multimedia, 10 photos in fotolia (originals),Duration,Contact,hello!,04,Cover a potential market of more than 40.6 million users. ,Launch with ASTL,additional to quote according to requirements,In study without driver ,Services,Market,Advertising service to Mexican companies,Success factors,$3,000,Features ,03,5 min,Effects,Market,Vision,Success factors,In study with driver ,$1,500,Technology, Economical, practical, free (only charges programs of payment by vision), reliable, avant-garde, without prohibitions and of easy access.,Capsule in a program , Economical, practical, free (only charges programs of payment by vision), reliable, avant-garde, without prohibitions and of easy access.,02,Office : Santander No. 59, Col. Insurgentes Mixcoac C.P. 03920, Delegación Benito Juarez, México D.F,Difusión a Nivel Mundial,06, Internet TV is a new concept that is taking a boom in the middle of social networks. The television stations of our country and of the different countries of the world are transferring their programming to the network; however, they are not making programs aimed at the cyber-viewer, which represents a slow movement of diffusion., We are creators of an Internet television station focused on establishing commercial links and generating knowledge forums with specialists and guests of great interest for businessmen and the general public. We take special interest in micro, small and medium enterprises (MIPYMES), managing to create a bar of programs which will be broadcast live and retransmitted in real time through the portal www.astl.tv,About us,15 min,On site without a driver ,Type,15 min,About us,$3,500,Investment,$4,000,15 min,15 min,Duration,On site with a driver ,$750,Market,Objectives,Technology,Mission,Vision,Vision,start,To achieve that entrepreneurs access, through Internet television, to programs with interesting content and information services of easy communication and excellent quality, anytime and anywhere.,To be an efficient, competitive and modern means of Internet communication, recognized for the quality, plurality and inclusion of its programs in the business environment. ,About us,Mission