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This Artisans Tour allows you direct access to the finest craftsmen and women and provides a unique opportunity to support and invest in their creative endeavours. Thus providing honourable and fair jobs for thousands of people in Siem Reap province.Select the artisans' workshops you want to visit in the Artisans Tour Brochure. Choose 2-3 artisans for a half day tour.,Select your itinerary,Beyond Angkor temples, Siem Reap offers its visitors a remarkable and timeless cultural heritage. The kingdom hosts a rich diversity of creative artisans, whose knowledge and expertise of ancestral traditions, such as bas-relief carvings in the temples are matched now with state-of-the-art contemporary design practice. Stone, wood, jewels, ceramic, silk, natural lacquer, metals, aromatic, and medicinal plants, spices, and rattan, are all subject to creation in Siem Reap.,Explore Local Cambodian Handicraft,The visits are free, your only expense is for transportation.The booking coordinator will organise everything for you. They will advise the organisations you choose to visit and arrange your preferred mode of transport to pick you up and return you to your hotel.,Book your tour,*Prices indicated are for half day - 2 to 3 artisans - up to 4 persons.,Do you want to discover unique naturtal lacquer workshop in Cambodia? Come visit Stocker studio and meet two lacquer masters to learn more about natural lacquers and textures.The brothers empower local Cambodian people by promoting the development and use of traditional Khmer skills to produce high-quality, beautiful, handmade decorative lacquer artworks.,Angkor Artwork,Ammo Jewellery Design,Manava,Khmer Ceramics Fine Arts Centre,Jayav Art,Genevieve's Fair Trade Village,Claycult Cambodia,Do you love artisan beads and jewellery? Ever wondered how handmade ceramic beads are made? Come and learn! Visit us at our workshop where you can meet the team and discover how we craft our beautiful beads and jewellery. All items are hand crafted; from the digging and production of the clay, to the rolling, shaping and painting of the beads to the creation of our beautiful jewellery. No two beads will ever be exactly the same, each bead giving something of the person who made it.,What do you know about the essential oil distillation process? Visit us to discover how we produce organic essential oils, absolutes, hydrosols, natural cosmetics and natural professional spa products. Traditionally, the local people in Cambodia use plants for beauty and healing purposes. We use local traditions to transform raw materials from Cambodia to offer our customers a wide range of professional spa care products that meet the high standards of Ecocert certificate.,Botanik Essence,Artisans Angkor,Are you ready for an unforgettable voyage into the heart of Cambodian arts and craft? Enjoy a free guided tour of our workshop and silk farm to discover how our high-quality handmade products are designed and crafted by our talented and passionate people. As a Cambodian social enterprise specializing in Khmer arts and craft we strive to preserve local traditional craftsmanship and showcase the amazing know-how of our artisans.,Soieries du Mekong,Senteurs d'Angkor,Samatoa Lotus Textiles,Sombai,Did you know that we make jewellery from recycled bullets? Perpetuate a 20 years practice of using bullets as a base metal for jewellery, we simply recycle blank cartridges that have been fired in practice - so it's a great way to turn something negative into a positive! We are an ethical social enterprise, providing paid apprenticeships for young and disadvantaged Cambodians in design, production and business.,On the map,Genevieve's Fair Trade Village is a social enterprise, that offers a relaxed hassle free shopping experience. At the village you can buy high quality, locally made art and crafts produced by local artisans living with disabilities or by organisations that provide opportunities for local people to learn and produce handcrafted products to help them earn a fair and sustainable income. We also focus on using recycled and eco-friendly materials and packaging.,Come and discover original handmade "papier mache" sculptures. Inspired by traditional Khmer paper masks of the Ramayana, our sculptures are unique in Cambodia, entirely handmade from recycled paper and bamboo fiber. Made with original techniques and customised with fine details, they are real works of art, authenticated and numbered. You will be surprised by their ceramic appearance and lightness!,While you are in Siem Reap don't miss the opportunity to visit our centre. The visit is free of charge and this is a unique way to discover a bit more of the artistic heritage of the Khmer Empire. After more than a decade of research and hundreds of hours of training for young Cambodians Khmer Ceramics now has its own line of products and supplies dozens of well-reknowned brands across the globe. The result of a passionate team of talented craftspeople.,Come visit Kroh Bei Riel village located 1okm from Siem Reap to discover unique rattan woven products and learn about a weaving style that is exclusive to this village and an important part of Cambodia's legacy. MANAVA means "human being" and we support underprivileged Cambodian artisan women in their quest for a stable and sustainable future. We empower these women to improve their lives through quality rattan weaving training and life skills programs.,Do you want to discover a unique process of manufacturing yarns made from Lotus Flower Stem? Come to visit our lotus farm and meet our artisans! Then stop by our showroom to discover our exclusive collection of luxury Eco Friendly Textiles made from lotus, banana, kapok and silk and let yourself be tempted by our "Ready to wear" accessories and order tailor made clothing.,Be inspried by the wonderful culinary and olfactory heritage of Cambodia! Since 1999, we have been offering our range of natural and authentic products handmade in Cambodia. We carefully select all the ingredients, controlling their quality and origin to offer you high quality products. Come visit our workshop located in Siem Reap airport road and pamper yourself with natural cosmetics, all perfumed with exotic fragrances (jasmine, lemongrass, lotus...).,More than a scarf, ethics and high-quality products! As an ethical brand, we combine French design and Cambodian hand-weaving tradition to create high-end silk scarves and accessories. Since 2001, we have been fostering women empowerment in Banteay Chhmar, an isolated rural area, by offering a one-year training program to teach them how to weave and sew, and a sustainable job that allows them to embrace their skills.,Have you ever tried Cambodian rice wine liqueur? Come to our workshop to discover the local taste of Siem Reap through a wide range of homemade and artisan products. Delight your taste buds trying our 11 different flavors of liqueurs and jams and discover the work of our talented artists who create amazing artwork on our hand-painted bottles. They are great gifts and unique souvenirs to take back from Cambodia for family and friends.,workshopavailable,On the map,Map,On the map,Interactive eBrochure,workshopavailable,workshopavailable,Click on images to view the artisans,Artisan Tour eBrochure |,Created by Jenni Parker (2019) |,Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License,Explore the local workshops, studios and couture houses in this interactive Artisans Tour eBrochure. ,DownloadPDF,Select,Book,Explore,Select, +855 (0) 78 582 310 from 8am to 6pm,artisanstour@gmail.com,If you would like add a link to or insert this interactive eBrochure on your own website to help promote this initiative you are welcome to do so as this eBrochure is licensed for reuse.Note: The eBrochure will automatically update on your site when we make modifications to the original file.,Share this eBrochure,Link URL,Embed Code,Social Media,Instructions,Interactive Map,Select,Book,Explore,Select,Book,Explore,Select,Explore,Book,Select,Book,Explore,Book,Select,Explore,Select,Explore,Book,Select,Book,Explore,Select,Book,Explore,Select,Book,Explore,Select,Book,Explore,Select,Book,Explore,Select,Book,Explore,Book,Select,Explore,Select,Book,Explore,Select,Book,Explore,14,Map,15,Map,13,Map,12,Map,11,Map,10,Map,9,workshopavailable,Map,8,Map,5,Map,4,Map,3,Map,2,Map,1