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Tell your partner about a website, film or social media page that combines text, pictures, videos and music and sound.Do you think it's effective? Why/ why not?What do you think the quote below means?

Multimedia Literacy:A multimedia website byExtinction Rebellion


"To tell a story now means grasping a new kind of language, which includes understanding how graphics, color, lines, music and words combine to convey meaning” George Lucas



In this lesson learners will:Look at how multimedia elements (film, image, text, and sound) combine to create a strong message.investigate how a website for an environmental action group uses multimedia to create a strong messagediscuss a cause they think is important and make a website idea on paper.On this slide they discuss the questions to introduce the topic and compare their existing knowledge. Press next after doing feedback on their discussion.

What is it about? Where and what is it talking about? What is it inspired by? What do you/don't you like about it?

Watch a video clip and decide:




Learners read the questions before watching the video. Afterwards they discuss their answers and feedback.

Are people concerned about the same issue or different issues where you live?​Do they deal with these issues in similar or different ways?​ You are going to look at a multimedia website by the people mentioned in the credits. What do you think will be in the website? Make a list, then look at it to check.

Discussion: After you watch




Learners discuss these questions giving their opinions about the video in groups and then feedback to the class.After discussing the final question, click on the link to the website so they can check their predictions.

Are you multimedia-literate? Find out with this task!



Give out the worksheet 1 per pair or group and let them read the task. When they are ready, press "open"'. Students look at the website on the IWB and direct you to click on the video and other links so they can complete the tasks..

How effective do you think this website is?Can you describe any other effective campaigns?Imagine you wanted to attract attention to something. What would you have in your website?


Go through the answers on the worksheet and then discuss these general questions about the website.

1 Choose a cause

What is something that is important to you? It could be about school, your town or city or the world in general. Write it down.


2. Why should people get involved?

Make a list of things you would like people to do to support your cause

Plan a website

Make a plan on a few pieces of paper. Each page is a page in your website. Remember to make it multimedia!


This is their task. Encourage them to work in groups to do the three things required. Monitor their progress and then allow them to go around the room and look at each others' work and choose one cause they want to join.

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